First Stop: The Fiji Orchid

The Fiji Orchid was conceived as an airport hotel of sorts to serve as a transition between Nadi and points beyond. But it’s way more than an airport hotel!

Eat, Pray, Love… And Why This Isn’t That

Apparently, grand journeys like mine often lead to epiphanies and lifestyle change and whatnot, so who knows what parallels my trip may end up sharing with Eat, Pray, Love. For now though, the only thing I have in common with Liz is a yearlong trip.

So Many Places, So Little Time

When I first started to envision what my round the world trip itinerary would look like, a year on the road seemed like a very, very long time.

Orthapalooza 2010

Even though us kids are (almost) all grown up now, we still look forward to our annual Orthapalooza family vacation where we inevitably cram 4 tall people and 1 shortie into an itty bitty, budget friendly room.

The Key to the City

It’s hard for me to accept that there are some things in life I’ll never be good at. Breakdancing. Public speaking. Running fast. And here’s another for the list: using antique keys to open doors in Paris. 

Who Am I Taking to Australia?

Dozens of you have promised to visit if I am awarded the island caretaker position, so you’ll be happy to know I’m already looking into ordering air mattresses in bulk.

Shark Cage Diving in Oahu

Our boat crew warned us that conditions were deteriorating rapidly and that they might have to call off the excursion at any time. The horizon was all wobbly and if I wasn’t so pumped, I might have hurled.


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