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14 thoughts on “Let’s Chat”

  1. How do you pay for all of these trips? Are they given to you by a company for you to travel or sponsored by someone? I would love to do this but I don’t know how to get the capital for it?

    1. Hi! I saved money for 7+ years and set out with a decent chunk of cash. I’ve been able to parlay my background in journalism and travel into some trade and business opportunities on the road, but by and large I finance my travels with hard work =)

      1. hey i am doing the same thing as you i beleive so its so neat to run into your site! im in fiji rate now heading to Vanua levu near nukubati..it looks like you have been to a church near there? is there any contact info you could send me? i usually stay in villages or home stay with someone…let me know 🙂 bless ya!

        1. Hi Justin – thanks for reading! I was staying at Nukubati Resort and the staff was kind enough to take me to their church in their village. I couldn’t begin to tell you where it was or what it was called! But I believe you’d have a similar situation just about anywhere. Have fun!

  2. Hi, Angie! Great Blog.

    How about some Florida travel blogs to promote your home state,like the Everglades or historical sites?

    Love to read of your travels.


  3. Herro. I am Psy. I ruv yorr wurk. I sorry I forgart yorr birfday. I am secretrly in ruv with yorr. I wrote Gangnam Style. Yorr wercome.

  4. hi angie, nice to meet you. i’m so very excited to have found you due to our travel blog award contest. you were nominated for the 2012 most inspirational travel blog award and are now in the run-offs.
    from jan 27 to feb 5, you can ask people to vote for your blog so that you can be one of the 23 out of the nominated 50 to win.

    you can check it out here: http://thenomadicfamily.com/2013/01/2012-best-travel-blog-finalistis-need-a-bit-of-help-to-wi/ . good luck to you lauren! happy belated new year… gabi and family, in dalat, vietnam

  5. Hi Angie,
    Thanks for giving Skyready a ‘like’. I love your FB page and website, really amazing travels and information. I would love to send you a sample kit for you to try out on your next trip. Let me know where I can send one to you.
    Be well,

  6. Hi,
    We are Mark and Stefy, Italian travellers
    We have been impressed by your site and inviting you to visit ours: http://www.born2travel.it

    We were wondering if you are interested in a links exchange
    I mean: I could publish your link in my friends links and you could do the same with mine,if you feel like
    Let me know

    we would be honoured if you join our free and not boring newsletter

  7. Hi Angie!
    Greetings from India.

    Firstly, Great blog! It’ll be great if you can help me plan my trip to Greece and Turkey. I will be backpacking alone so any low cost recommendation will be great.

    thank you.

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