From expert travel guides to story collections, these ebooks are derived from my personal experiences out in the world. Whether you’re looking for information or pure entertainment, there’s something for everyone!

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They say sharing is caring, and that’s why I wanted to share my many years as both a traveler and media/PR expert in a selection of ebooks for y’all to enjoy. This collection will continue to grow as I focus on creating more in-depth guides to help support fellow travelers, bloggers and armchair explorers. If there’s anything particular you’d like to see covered in an ebook then please get in touch.
Bloggers Guide Angie Away
How to Work with PR: A Guide for Bloggers

Explaining your value as an influencer

Ethics of traveling for free

Working with publicists

How to get invited

Ultimate Guide to Jacksonville - Angie Away
The Ultimate Guide to Jacksonville

When to visit and where to stay on any budget

How to eat your way through Jacksonville

My favorite secret spots around town

The best beaches for lounging, swimming & fishing

Activities, sports, shopping and so much more…

The Adventures of Big Apple Angie
The Adventures of Big Apple Angie

Tales from my first ever blog,

Highs and lows of moving from the South to NYC

Finding my way, and a career, in the big city

Dating mishaps and embarrassing dance classes

Plus exclusive stories not shared on the blog


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