+ Who are you?

+ I’m new to your blog. Where should I start?

+ Are you a full-time blogger? What do you actually do for a living?

+ How did you afford your RTW trip in 2011? Are you a trust fund baby? Either that, or you’re a call girl/drug mule. Right??

+ How did you go from traveler to pro-blogger?

+ Do you always travel for free?

+ Should I quit my job to travel?

+ How can I start a travel blog?

+ What photography equipment/scuba gear/suitcase do you use?

+ I’m traveling to [insert name of country]. Where should I go? What should I do? Where should I stay?

+ Can I pick your brain?

+ When are you going to write your book? You’ve been talking about it for a long time.

+ Is [insert name of country] safe?

+ How did you meet your husband?

+ Can I advertise on Angie Away?

+ Did you have a quarter-life crisis? Sigh. #Millennials

+ What was Donald Trump like?

+ Are you more of a budget or a luxury traveler?

+ Aren’t you scared to travel by yourself? You’re just a girl, you know!

+ What is the meaning of life?

+ Why did you give up a successful PR job to travel in a failing economy?

+ Who are you voting for?

+ Does it cost money to access the hundreds of articles you’ve written over the years?

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