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6 Things You Must Do on a Visit to Israel

Alex and I have returned from our pilgrimage through Israel! It was 7 packed days with history, hiking and a ridiculous amount of hummus. Here are 6 things you MUST do when visiting the Holy Land.

Processing Jerusalem

A Return to the Holy Land | Rachel & Alex Go to Israel

We will be following in the footsteps of Jesus, His life, death and resurrection. Starting in Nazareth, sailing on the Sea of Galilee, walking the roads of Jericho, exploring the Judean Desert and Jerusalem – all in 10 days.

Processing Jerusalem

Processing Jerusalem

Jerusalem is no ordinary destination. It’s one of those cities with so many layers of history, you’re never quite sure what you’re looking at. Is it 2,000 years old? 3,000? 150? Is it important to Christians, Muslims, Jews… or all of them? Am I supposed to be here?

Doors & Pathways of Jerusalem

The Doors of Jerusalem

The Old City lends itself to meandering, with its maze of ancient narrow streets aching with thousands of years of painful history.


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