Shukran, Jordan! Land of Infinite Adventures

I can’t say I’m too thrilled about finally wrapping up my coverage of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

From Jerash to the Dead Sea to Petra to Wadi Rum to Amman, it was an adventure like none other and I’m just a little sad to leave it in the rear view mirror.

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Before I started, I listed the Jordan I thought I knew – whatever it was I learned from Indiana Jones, really. Jordan was much more than that, of course. My visit was like stepping into a time machine and seeing sites that have scarcely changed in thousands of years.

Angie Away at Jerash

My goal in visiting and writing about Jordan was to provide you with a glimpse into the food, heritage and culture of an amazing country that ideally would be a departure from coverage you’ve seen in the past. Visit Jordan does such a bang up job of inviting bloggers and travel writers to experience their country, I’ve heard that folks think they’ve seen it all if they’ve already read posts from other bloggers who’ve gone before me.

Covered in mud at The Dead Sea

But if I learned anything from my trip, aside from how much I am obsessed with hummus and warm flatbread, it’s that no matter how many posts you read, you’ll always find your own unique stories in Jordan.

So I hope you’ve learned something new and have seen fabulous Jordan in a way that maybe you hadn’t before. And I hope you’re as inspired to visit for the first time as I am to return.

I’m still open to a job digging up ruins at Petra… anyone want to hire me? I’ve got my own shovel.

Fighting with a gladiator in Jerash, Jordan

As always, I put together a destination recap video highlighting the country. I have to say, this is one of my favorite videos I’ve ever cut. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I can laugh at myself… somehow this video makes it look like I’m not that much of an adventurer at all!

Where I stayed in Jordan

Evason Ma’in Hot Springs

Moevenpick Dead Sea

AlQasr Metropole Hotel

Captain’s Desert Camp

For more photos, check out my Angie Away page on Facebook and my Jordan Facebook album.


A big, big shukran (thank you!) goes out to Visit Jordan, the hotels who hosted me and of course Ibrahim & Rami, my guide and driver.  If you’re going to Jordan and need a duo to tote you around, get in touch and I’ll share their contact info.

To keep up with everything happening in Jordan, follow Visit Jordan on Twitter or here. 


Now I’m curious – what did you like best about the Jordan stories? The funny ones, the serious ones… maybe you liked my poem? (It’s ok if you didn’t…. it was pretty bad!)

As always, thanks for coming along on the adventure! Up next… Israel!

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6 thoughts on “Shukran, Jordan! Land of Infinite Adventures”

  1. Hey Angie, just wondering – did you travel alone in Jordan or were you with a guide the whole time? If you were alone, did you encounter uncomfortable situations or was it all pretty much doable? Thanks for the help!

    1. Sometimes I was solo, other times with a guide. Jordan was much safer and less intimidating for the solo traveler than say, Egypt. I found the Jordanians to be very friendly and hospitable!

  2. Norma Jean Mendillo

    Hi Angie, Planning on a mini world cruise in May 2015 Jordan is one of many stops.. My question is do know of any excursions going to Jerusalem from Aqaba? Did you travel to Jerusalem if so how long was it from Jordan and what means of transportation did you use? Thank you can’t wait for my travels to begin..

  3. Norma Jean Mendillo

    Thank you for your fast reply. It would be so sad to me not to be able to go to Jerusalem, so close yet so far away. I will never get back to this countries again so I will have to do my homework before I go to see if I can make this happen. I agree with you everyone should take the journey to Jerusalem..

    Norma Jean

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