Country No. 31 | Welcome to The Kingdom of Jordan


Everybody’s got to do it at some point, even those of us who like to pretend life is just a series of exotic vacations pasted together one after the other. How fortunate for me, then, that the first big project I took on since quitting my PR job in December 2010 was scheduled in a country I’d long wanted to visit — the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

But what did I really know about Jordan before I arrived? Turns out, not much.

  • The Dead Sea. Jordan shares this very salty body of water & its mineral-rich mud with Israel.
  • Cuisine. I’d heard the food was not just delicious, but plentiful.
  • Borders. Jordan borders Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and the West Bank and Israel, so I could pretty much expect my family to be nervous the entire time I was away, despite the fact that Jordan itself is a very peaceful nation.
  • Biblical Connections. Despite a solid knowledge of Biblical history, I can’t say I ever really conceptualized it all on a modern-day map. Jordan seemed like a good place to start just that!


After two intense weeks of social media consulting, research and presentations with the Jordan Tourism Board and its partners, I was able to escape Amman for a tour of some of Jordan’s most famous sites.

I learned so much and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Stay tuned…

My tour was sponsored by the Jordan Tourism Board. As always, opinions are my own!

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7 thoughts on “Country No. 31 | Welcome to The Kingdom of Jordan”

  1. Last March we had planned a trip to Egypt and Jordan to see Petra. It was the 2nd time planning – and paying for – this trip. Then the Arab Spring happened and the military told my husband he was not allowed to go to Egypt a mere 3 days before we were to depart. “Go to Jordan the entire time,” was their solution.

    A new set of plane tickets and some very quick on the fly planning happened. I knew NOTHING about Jordan besides that a really cool place called Petra was in Indiana Jones and Transformers.

    So off we went to Jordan for 10 days. Wow! I could have stayed longer! We loved it. We traveled indepently by renting a car and saw Jerash, Madaba, Mt. Nebo, Bethany-beyond-the-Jordan, the Dead Sea, Petra, and Aqaba. Amazing country and trip!

    Can’t wait to hear what you were up to there!

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