Who Am I Taking to Australia?

Dozens of you have promised to visit if I am awarded the island caretaker position, so you’ll be happy to know I’m already looking into ordering air mattresses in bulk.

So Close I Can Almost Taste It

To prep yourself emotionally for my video application, you can watch submissions from my competition… just save your best reviews for me.

DVR Alert! Australia Day On The Today Show

Since I’m not there in person to wish each Aussie a fabulous day, I’m going to do the next best thing — wish them a Happy Australia Day on the world’s most watched morning show

How To Celebrate Australia Day

Hallelujah – it’s finally Australia Day! I’ve been waiting impatiently to celebrate this glorious occasion with you darling readers. By now I’m sure you have your Australia Day plans in place… what, no plans yet? There’s no time to lose.

The Best Job In The World

If you could dream up the perfect job for Big Apple Angie, what would it be? Perhaps serving as the enthusiastic ambassador to some far-flung tropical destination, scuba diving in the morning and blogging about it in the afternoon?


Today’s blog is serious, dear readers. I’m begging for your prayers for Bolivia. It appears the long anticipated civil war between the Collas (government supporters, pronounces ‘Coyas’) and the Cambas (autonomy supporters) is finally beginning. (In case you’re wondering, I’m pro-autonomy.) Bolivia’s president Evo Morales has ordered the U.S. Ambassador out of the country, and …

Autonomia! Read More »

Shark Cage Diving in Oahu

Our boat crew warned us that conditions were deteriorating rapidly and that they might have to call off the excursion at any time. The horizon was all wobbly and if I wasn’t so pumped, I might have hurled.

An Everywhere Girl

Isn’t it funny how we like to classify ourselves by location? One could be a city girl, a country girl or an island girl. And just when I think I can unconditionally identify with one of those labels, I find a reason to switch to another. I can’t help but wonder – is it possible to be an everywhere girl?

Bolivia 2005, continued

David and his family graciously shared their home with us for one night during the trip. There windows were covered in sheets, not glass, the bathroom was outside and the entire family slept in their single bedroom.


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