Raindrops (and Coconuts) Keep Falling On My Head

The rain started when I left the dock and first crossed over to Nukubati. I thought it would pass… isn’t that usually the nature of island storms? We ended up weathering four full days of squalls, and in my expert Floridian opinion, I would surmise we experienced gusts of at least 50 mph if not more.

The staff had to board up the main house in the blustery weather. Don’t worry though… the party continued inside!

I was reading on my porch one afternoon when a particularly heavy squall came through, and coconuts start raining down in front of my bure. I was startled by the thwack, thwack, thwacking sounds they made when they slammed into the ground. Thank God I wasn’t moseying up to the kitchen for a snackie snack right then! (Per Lauren, “You WOULD get whacked in the head with a coconut!”)


At first I was a bit disappointed that the inclement weather kept me holed up in my bure for four days, reading The Help and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Next. But then I realized I never get to sit still and tear through books like that. Internet access was spotty and without access to outdoor activities, I had little choice but to settle in and rest, for the first time in who knows how long. Hello, silver lining!

Next up… diving the Great Sea Reef!

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5 thoughts on “Raindrops (and Coconuts) Keep Falling On My Head”

  1. Glad you got in some rest and reading. Curled up with a good book is the best place to be when it’s storming! I’m still loving my vicarious journey! Be safe!

  2. i mean…if anyone were to get bonked on the head by a coconut on a tropical island, i do believe it would be you my friend. 🙂

    that is some serious rain. glad the sun came out by the end!

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