2012 Travel by the Numbers

Looking back on my 2nd consecutive year of full time travel, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. What started off as a one year career break has become my life as I know it, and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.

Today, I’m counting my blessings!

$4,645.03            US dollars spent on flights
19                             Airports I’ve been to
32                            Flight segments flown
15                             Train segments taken in Europe
2                               Overnight trains
47,712                     Miles flown (Circumference of the Earth = 24,000 miles)
9,197                       Miles of longest flight


11                        Bucket list items crossed off
10                       New countries visited
4                         Countries revisited
4                         Continents visited (Asia, N. America, Europe, Africa)
1                          Times I crossed the Pacific Ocean (only got as far as Hawaii, so I’m counting it as ½ each way)
6                         Times I crossed the Atlantic Ocean


134                   No. of new blog posts written at AngieAway.com
3                       Pairs of shoes in my suitcase
3                        Celebrities encountered (Joan Rivers, Kendra Wilkinson & Laird Hamilton)
1                        Appearance in Cosmo Italia
1                        Macbook Air purchased
1                        iPhone 5 purchased

1                        Missing toenail
8                        Nights spent in the hospital with my brother
1                        Tsunami warning
7                       Pairs of lost or broken sunglasses
1                      Deplorable customer service experience with Budget Rent A Car
1                        Bruised tailbone


4                        Months spent at home in Florida
1                        Best friend wedding in Atlanta
1                        Baby sister high school graduation
7                        Master Radical shows attended

$2,000         Dollars raised for Adopt-a-Slum so far


1,100             New Facebook fans
3,800            Total Twitter followers
4                      International consulting gigs with tourism boards

1                        Scuba dive with whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium
1                        Zipline over crocodiles in St. Augustine
1                        Camel ride in the Sahara
1                        Trapeze lesson
1                        Camel burger eaten


1                        Travel blog conference in Italy
1                        Trip to Morocco with Intrepid Travel
12                     Pounds I gained during my 8-week stint in Europe
1                        Late night Vespa ride around Rome
2                        Lunches with friends in layover airports (ATL & DFW)
3                        Visits to NYC
6                        Weeks spent in Kauai


Thank you for joining me for the ride so far! If 2012’s twists and turns are any indication, I think 2013 is going to be a real doozy.

Do me a favor and leave me a comment with your favorite/best/worst number from 2012. That would be a fabulous way to kick off 2013 =)


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16 thoughts on “2012 Travel by the Numbers”

  1. 2012 By the numbers:
    21 – number of races I had to run this year to complete 100 races overall.
    10 – number of half-marathons completed
    1 – number of full marathons completed
    1 – number of triathlons completed
    777.7 – number of total miles run this year
    Haven’t yet put goals on paper but will do so today!

  2. Angie, what a fun year you’ve had! You are my traveling hero…I only hope to be able to add a few more locations to my list this year. Still trying to figure out this baby thing! Best wishes for a great 2013. Safe travels!

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