2011 By The Numbers, From Flights and Miles to Scars and Scoundrels

2011 by the numbers

I’m usually a word person (as evidenced by my current career path), but this time I thought I’d share a little about my year in numbers. Enjoy!

$8,465.62          US dollars spent on flights
43                        Airports I’ve been to
48                        Flight segments flown
81,933                Miles flown (Circumference of the Earth = 24,000 miles)

12                      New countries visited
3                        Countries revisited
5                        Continents visited
5                        Layovers in countries I’ve never otherwise been to (China, Singapore, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia)
3                        Times I crossed the Pacific Ocean
3                        Times I crossed the Atlantic Ocean

23                     Books read
1                        eBooks written
2                       Travel bloggers I met up with on the road (Go, See, Write; Nomadic Matt)
198                   No. of blog posts written at AngieAway.com
3                       Pairs of shoes in my suitcase
47                     Giraffes spotted at one time in the Masai Mara, Kenya

1                        Mild plane crash
1                        Near death illness in Thailand
3                        Cockroaches found in bathrooms
1                        Bicycle accident in Bali
2                        Canon G12 cameras purchased
1                        Travel insurance claim
2                        Groping incidents (Spain, Egypt)
1                        Earthquake in Bali
$400                Dollars lost to pickpocket in Athens
2                        Scoundrels from the Commonwealth
2                        New scars

13                     Most consecutive nights spent in one bed (not including return home visits)
2                       Visits to the USA
1                        Friend wedding I made it to
2                       Cousin weddings I missed

2                        Shark cage dives in South Africa
3                        Scuba dives (Fiji, Greece & Egypt)
1                        No. of attempted sky dives (New Zealand)
2                       Breathtaking (literally) hikes – The Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand & Mt. Sinai, Egypt

4                        Visits to London
6                        Weeks spent in Greece
6                        Friends who came to visit while I was in Greece

WHEW! I just have to quit now… I’m wearing myself out reliving all this! Do me a favor and leave me a comment with your favorite/best/worst number from 2011!


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25 thoughts on “2011 By The Numbers, From Flights and Miles to Scars and Scoundrels”

  1. Love Mom. I can’t believe you had six friends visit Greece! I had one friend visit my entire year in Costa Rica. How do you have an attempted sky dive?! What a year!

  2. Okay now we know what you spent on airfare what about you total expenses , food, hotel, activities etc
    How much do I need to travel for a year after retirement.

    1. Not really sure because I stayed with friends quite a bit and was hosted by hotels often so I could write about them in travel stories… One person can easily do a year on the road with 20k IF staying in hostels & guesthouses. At hotels, the sky is the limit.

  3. Fun!! And I was just going to tally up the number of flights and different accommodations we stayed at for a post in the new year. You’ve put me to stats shame =)

  4. Guess you are more afraid of cock roaches than snakes, huh? Other way around for me! Guessed I’d miss a blog about the crash, but you most likely thought to not tell that until after the year ended! Thanks for such a vicariously wonderful year of travel! Love you.

    1. It’s funny – no one came to see me until I got to Greece, and then I couldn’t keep them away! It was fun to have so many friends come though… a beautiful break from solo travel!

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