Get Me Out Of Here | Thailand Edition

To say I was keen to leave Thailand would be an understatement. I arrived 7 hours early to the airport just to get a jump on my escape, spent my remaining Baht on one exorbitant duty-free MAC eye shadow (what, can’t a traveler be pretty?) and indulged in my airport tradition – fast food. It’s no secret that I didn’t have the time of my life (what with the bugs in my bed, in my food and everywhere else, the illness, the near-death-by-curry-eating-German), but to be fair, it’s not all Thailand’s fault. I probably picked up that nasty parasite or whatever it was in Laos trekking around in the mud and splashing fetid water in my mouth while reveling barefoot in the streets. Lesson learned! And everything else just added to my general unhappiness. After the cockroaches & being sick for 11 days, Thailand had little hope of ascending to my favorite destinations list.

Isn’t that sucky? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone not having a good time there, so I feel like I got the short end of the stick. On the plus side, the Thai people were always friendly (if overly concerned about my single status), I was spoiled absolutely rotten by the cheap massages and gorgeous accommodations, and after a while, I developed quite a taste for Tom Kah soup. Once I let the memories simmer for a little while, maybe I’ll gloss over the bad and look back on my trip with warm fuzzies. Maybe.

So let’s all say a big SAWASDEE to Thailand! Enjoy the video!

Up next… GREECE!

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