One Night in Paris

Scene – Sebastien’s car, Paris Sebastien – Do you like hip-hop?  BAA – Yes, I’m a big Jay-Z fan. Sebastien – Oh, he said somewhat disapprovingly. I prefer West Coast rap.  BAA – Ah, of course. Have you ever been to the US? Sebastien – Oui, I went to Compton! BAA – I’ve been to

St. Tropez for the Day

After falling in love with the Amalfi Coast, Naples/Sorrento, Pompeii, Rome, Tuscany and Cinque Terre, I just knew the lovefest would continue at our last stop, St. Tropez. From what I’d read about St. Tropez, I half expected scantily clad, oiled up celebrities to meet me at the port and drive me (in a convertible)


We are LE Tired

I’m more worn out now than I was when I left New York – some vacation! Today we walked about 36 miles and climbed a few mountains of stairs. Luckily we were able to load up on calories (nutella/banana crepes, to start) so we didn’t get fatigued from hunger. Only when I missed the step

Flowers in Paris

The Key to the City

It’s hard for me to accept that there are some things in life I’ll never be good at. Breakdancing. Public speaking. Running fast. And here’s another for the list: using antique keys to open doors in Paris. There’s definitely a knack to operating ancient locks & keys in this city… and I’ve never had it. 1998