12 Countries in 12 Months | A *Quick* Video Retrospective

I know a lot of folks dread New Year’s because of all the pressure to make resolutions and suffer at January’s overly crowded gyms and whatnot, but Dec. 31/Jan. 1 is one of my favorite times of the whole year. OBVIOUSLY. I get to make self-improvement lists, wear sparkles and create retrospective videos & blog posts – activities that just scream ANGIEORTH.

Even though I’m skipping ahead a bit (yes, I’m still chronologically writing about August even though I’ve been to a whole new continent since then!), I think you’ll enjoy my music and travel inspired end-of-year montage. I kept it short & sweet – just about 5 pictures per country – so take a look and let me know if any of my wild journeys from this year have inspired your travel dreams for 2012.

Coming up next… Reflections from the Road | 365 Days

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