First Look at HI USA New Orleans

Let the good times roll! We’re exploring New Orleans by eating at the beignets, riding the street car, checking out Bourbon Street and getting a first look at the new HI USA hostel.

A weekend in Dallas, Texas!

Ultimate Guide to A Weekend in Dallas, Texas

Spending a few days in Texas? Here’s my guide for your next weekend in Dallas! Farmers markets, food trucks and museums – and the best part – you can do it all without spending a dime!

Life As 1/2 Of A Travel Blogging Duo

Life As 1/2 Of A Travel Blogging Duo

I get it, traveling the world as a career isn’t normal. So I’m answering all the questions I get once and for all! I absolutely love what I do. And to be able to travel and share my experiences with the world – travel blogging is a dream come true!

must do in Israel

6 Things You Must Do on a Visit to Israel

Alex and I have returned from our pilgrimage through Israel! It was 7 packed days with history, hiking and a ridiculous amount of hummus. Here are 6 things you MUST do when visiting the Holy Land.

Hot Air Balloon ride over Orlando

Orlando from a Hot Air Balloon

Facing fears and getting a birds’-eye view of Orlando in a hot air balloon! What you’ll see, what to expect and what to wear.

Processing Jerusalem

A Return to the Holy Land – A Church Tour of Israel

We will be following in the footsteps of Jesus, His life, death and resurrection. Starting in Nazareth, sailing on the Sea of Galilee, walking the roads of Jericho, exploring the Judean Desert and Jerusalem – all in 10 days.

How to make your own pair of DIY Mickey Mouse Ears!

DIY Mickey Mouse Ears: How to Make Better Ones than at the Parks!

You’ll want to be a fashionable little mouse when you visit Walt Disney World, and sure, you can spend $30 on the generic rose gold ears that Disney sells and everyone has. Or you can make your own totally unique pair of Mickey Mouse Ears for waaaay cheaper. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making DIY Mickey Mouse Ears!

Rachel's Year in Review

Rachel’s Year in Review

You’ve read all about Angie’s adventures this year, but let’s be real, you really want to know how many dogs Rachel got to pet in 2017.


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