Meet Sheba, the 3rd Jet Sister

If you’ve known me for more than 12 seconds, you know I have an obsession with dogs. I don’t know why, I just see a dog and I have to love it. It’s kind of my thingadopting a dog

This is the story of the long awaited arrival of my best friend.

After returning from my month-long adventure in Texas and pitstop in New Orleans, I stopped in Jacksonville to visit the family for the weekend. It just so happened the animal shelter was having a free pet adoption day, and somehow I convinced all the animal-lovers to go with me. Just to look, for real.

It was full of the usual array of big dogs – all very cute, but I am a small dog person. Always have been.

I said aloud, “That’s okay, when God wants me to have a dog, He will put one in my arms.” adopting a dog

1.5 seconds later. adopting a dog

A man holding the cutest dog you have ever seen in your entire life walked toward the building from the parking lot. Is he turning that dog in? Giving her away?

I froze.

My sweet sister (who literally said an hour before, “Don’t you dare get a dog”) says, “What are you waiting for? Go see what the deal is with that dog!”

I walked in and the man was standing in line at the front desk.

Me: Hi, can I pet your dog?

Him: Of course! This is Foxy.

Me: She is so cute!

Him: Are you looking to adopt?

Me: Yes, but all the dogs here are too big. I was looking for something her size.

Him: Well, do you want her? adopting a dog

Me: Seriously?

Him: (Handing her to me.) Yea, I got her for my son, but our apartment doesn’t allow two dogs, so I have to give her away. She’s a….

Hold it together, Rachel. Listen to what he’s saying. This is important. Oh my gosh. My lifelong dream is coming true. She is so cute. Oh God what did he say? I have a dog! OMG I HAVE A DOG! What if she doesn’t like me? Okay, seriously, you need to listening to what he’s saying.

Him: ….well that’s about it. Here’s my business card, call me if you need anything!

And just like that, I became a dog mom. adopting a dog

I walked outside and introduced her to the visibly shocked family. adopting a dog

Me, just bawling: I have a dog! This is the happiest day of my life!

Bringing in an adopted dog into the family

Bringing in an adopted dog into the family

Here I am crying in the parking lot. My little cousin Naomi is trying to calm me down.

Say hello to Sheba!

I changed her name from Foxy to Sheba. She just seemed like a queen!

By the way, I called her original owner to get all her information after I calmed down. She is a long-haired Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix between 1 and 2 years old. We’re not 100% sure of her birthday, but I’ll let everyone know when I figure it out so we can have a party.

Bringing in an adopted dog into the family

Bringing in an adopted dog into the family

She loves naps, her koala bear, giving kisses, going on walks, riding in the car, Chick-Fil-A nuggets, playing hide-and-seek.  She hates maintenance men, French fries, small dogs and baths.

Her nicknames:





Chicken Nugget

Worthers Original



Queen Sheba

Sheba Marie

Caramel Frappuccino

Iced-Caramel Macchiato


Things I say now:

“Sorry I’m late. My dog looked sad.”

“Do you have a lint roller?”

“Sorry I can’t, I have to let my dog out.”

“Can I bring Sheba?”

“Do you wanna go to PetCo with me?”

“Look at this adorable picture I took of Sheba!”

“Yea we can take my car, but there’s dog hair everywhere.”

“Do you think this restaurant is pet friendly?”


Bringing in an adopted dog into the family

Bringing in an adopted dog into the family

Bringing in an adopted dog into the family!

Bringing in an adopted dog into the family

Bringing in an adopted dog into the family

And yes, she has an Instagram. @ShebaAway

Get ready to see a lot more of Sheba! I want to take her around the world, so I’ll be sharing my tips on how to travel with dogs once I learn them first-hand.

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