Bonaire Diving – 21 Photos from One of the Most Magical Dive Sites, Salt Pier

Of all the dive sites we had a chance of exploring, Salt Pier, Bonaire was by far the most beautiful.

Confession times: I’m not the most accomplished scuba diver in the world. While I love scuba, I’m not one of those folks who makes an effort to dive on every trip. If it’s a particularly famous dive destination, then I’ll go for it. However, I definitely don’t dive enough to be considered any kind of expert.

In all my travels, I’ve only been diving in a handful of countries: The Bahamas, Fiji, Egypt, Greece, and now, Bonaire. Don’t tell anyone, but I rent all my equipment! I also regularly forget to strap-on essentials like a weight belt and you know, oxygen.

Bonaire Diving in Salt Pier

Knowing that I’m still quite the baby diver, you can imagine how intimidated I was at first when I was invited to visit Bonaire. It’s one of the world’s top destinations for underwater exploration. Seven dives in seven days were more dives than I’d completed in that past few years!

Bonaire Diving – 21 photos to inspire your next diving getaway! 

I was definitely the diver with the fewest outings under my belt in our posse of aquatic blondes. Fortunately, these advanced, masterful divers happen to be some of my best friends – whew!

At least they could make sure all my hoses were attached properly, right?

Bonaire Diving in Salt Pier

Bonaire’s dive scene was a whole world of firsts for me. It was my first shore dive, first dive with no guide, and the first dive with 50 sea turtles!

With more than a hundred convenient shore dives on offer, you don’t have to set foot on a boat to access great diving! Particularly nice for the seasick-prone.

It only took one peek under the surface to see why DIY shore diving is so popular on Bonaire. The whole island is fringed with vivid color and sea life.

Whether you stop at a yellow marker indicating a known dive site, or you just pull over and jump in anywhere as we did with VIP Diving, you’re bound to experience some of the best diving in the world.

Bonaire Diving in Salt Pier

And speaking of VIP Diving…

Over the course of a week, we’d been out with resort dive operations and other shops, which were all lovely.

However, considering my need for literal hand-holding and general fanciness and undivided attention, VIP Diving fit my needs just right.

First, the dive shop reminded me of a swanky, Balinese spa, with cool colors and bright cushions. It was a perfect place for this apprehensive, semi-novice diver. Second, we had our own dive butler – yes, a DIVE BUTLER. His name was Steven, and he was everything you’d want a dive butler to be.

Frankly, I found some of our shore dives a little challenging. The rocks and waves were tricky for my jacked-up knees with the added weight of a scuba set-up. Having Steven the dive butler there to guide me in ensured I didn’t get toppled over like a turtle in the waves.

Bonaire Diving

While our first dive of the day was perfectly lovely, I wasn’t blown away. I’m the type of diver who gets really excited about big sea life – turtles, rays, dolphins, giant squid, Krakens and of course, any type of shark. (You already knew that though!) Our first dive was flush with colorful fish and coral, but nothing super thrilling.

And then we went to the Salt Pier, Bonaire easily my favorite of all the dive sites.

Y’all, the whole dive, from start to finish, might just be one of the most magical Bonaire dive sites – and get this, I didn’t even see sharks! The only biggish critter we encountered was a turtle, and we met him on our short swim out to the pier.

Bonaire Diving in Salt Pier

Between the volume of schools of fish and the general splendor of the towering, coral-crusted pillars, the dramatic scenery had me entranced for over an hour – and I’m the gal who’s usually ready to head back to the surface after 20 minutes!

Bonaire Diving in Salt Pier

Salt Pier Scuba

The Salt Pier is still an active pier owned by the Cargill Salt Company, so you can only dive there when there’s not a ship docked.

Bonaire Diving in Salt Pier

Salt Pier Scuba

Bonaire Diving in Salt Pier

Salt Pier Coral

I only took a GoPro with me on this dive and it was the best of all our dives that week for that particular photo setup. Cinematic shots without too much detail are the GoPro’s speciality.

Salt Pier Scuba

Bonaire diving at Salt Pier

Salt Pier Scuba

Salt Pier Bonaire

That’s not to say there weren’t itty bitty creatures, sponges and corals just waiting to be photographed. For me, it was truly the ultimate diving experience in Bonaire.

Bonaire Diving in Salt Pier

Scuba Dive Bonaire

Scuba Dive Salt Pier

Salt Pier Scuba

Bonaire Diving in Salt Pier

Real talk: all the Bonaire diving we did was beautiful, but Salt Pier absolutely took the cake. It may well be the most memorable dive of my life… so far!

Scuba Diving Salt Pier

Now that I’m hooked on scuba all over again, I’m looking for suggestions on where to take my next dive trip? What’s the best dive you ever had?


Huge Danki to Bonaire Tourism for hosting my visit. All opinions are my own, duh. All my underwater photos in this post were taken with a GoPro. For a rundown of my scuba photo set up, check out my guide here.  


5 thoughts on “Bonaire Diving – 21 Photos from One of the Most Magical Dive Sites, Salt Pier”

  1. Diving the Deep ancient wrecks off Bermuda
    are like being in a Nat Geo documentary! Stunning views! Pinnacles off Saba are also beautiful easy dive. Thought my diving days were over, but your post has me pondering… Thanks!

  2. Salt pier looks beautiful! I’ll take note to dive there as well when I visit the island in February! I’m a total beginner when it comes to diving so I’m happy with your honest post about some of the difficulties doing the shore dives! Thanks!

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