Heading West on a Road Trip with Ford

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It’s about time for a new adventure, wouldn’t you say? After the past few months of tunnel vision & enormous projects, it’s high time I reconnect and seek out some wide open spaces, snow-covered mountains, big blue skies with puffy, happy clouds and visibility that goes on for 100 miles.

Yes, folks, I’m packing up my wagon and heading west!

Oregon Trail Dysentery

In a Ford Transit Connect Wagon, that is. This is my modern Oregon Trail and my new frontier. (Ideally I won’t get dysentery or have troubles FORDing the river. Get it?! I’ve got puns.) 

So what’s it all about? You may have noticed Ford’s #unminivanmoments campaign on social media already this summer; several quirky bloggers have been out exploring quirky America in the quirky Transit Connect Wagon. (See what they did there? It’s like a croissant of quirkiness – so many layers!) The goal of the campaign is to showcase the one-of-a-kind Transit Connect Wagon and America’s one-of-a-kind attractions. I’m pretty stoked to be invited to the party!

On July 10, it’s my turn to *quirk* up the Internet, and I’ll hit the open road from Denver to Seattle, visiting Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon & Washington — almost all of which are new destinations for me. I’m planning to visit a mix of bizarro roadside attractions, national parks and Oregon Trail hotspots. (Yes, my travel insurance is up-to-date in case of typhoid.)

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 11.09.26 AM

Thanks to social media, you get to come along, too! I’ll be posting highlights every day across platforms using the hashtags #unminivanmoments and #OrthAmerica.

#OrthAmerica Takeover Heading West on a Road Trip with FordLoading up my *wagon* for an epic adventureRead More >

#OrthAmerica, huh? Guess what that means? I’m not going down the only road I’ve ever known on my own — though I do love that song for road trips. I’m taking two of my favorite people in the world on this funky adventure, both quirky individuals who live outside the box just as much as I do.

Watch the video to meet my travel companions!

Are you excited yet? I know we are. Packing is underway, hotels are being booked and we’re mapping out our tentative itinerary & wardrobe choices. If you have any suggestions for fun, funky, quirky attractions to see during our adventure, let us know in the comments or send us a Tweet.

T-minus 7 days until departure!

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4 thoughts on “Heading West on a Road Trip with Ford”

  1. Jealous! Have fun, take lots of pictures. Let us know how you like the new Transit Connect – I always wanted one of the older ones, but haven’t seen enough of the redesigned model to decide about it.

    BTW – no Sheltie companions?

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