Canon IVY CLIQ Instant Print Camera Review

This review of the Canon IVY CLIQ brought to you in partnership with Canon and Best Buy. All opinions are my own, as always. 

We are crazy busy with travel campaigns this summer – a family vacation in the Florida Keys, Williamsburg, the Finger Lakes and Alberta, Canada just for starters! – so we’re experimenting with a bunch of new photo gadgets while we’re on the go.

Up first, we’re reviewing the Canon IVY CLIQ instant print camera. Like a Polaroid, it creates photos on the spot, but that’s not all. It also has space for a MicroSD card so you can save the images for printing or sharing later. The mini printed photos are just 2″ x 3″ and have a peel-and-stick back. Let me tell you, if I’d had one of these in high school, my Trapper Keeper would’ve been so much more stylish. 

The IVY CLIQ+ has an LED light so you can take great photos and selfies even in low light and allows you to connect to your phone via Bluetooth to print those photos as well. It also features more megapixels, so it’s worth the increase in price. 

We tested out the base model IVY CLIQ which starts at $99, it’s a great gift idea for summer weddings and graduations. It comes in Seaside Blue, Bumble Bee Yellow, Lady Bug Red and Mint Green, so you’ve got lots of options. I’ve been a Canon user for more than a decade, so I’m happy to see them developing fun entry level cameras like this one. If you’re looking for a fun little camera that prints, they’re available now at Best Buy.


Canon IVY CLIQ Features

Instant photos

Canon IVY CLIQ is an itty bitty instant camera and mini photo printer that fits right in your pocket. 

Selfie mirror / LED lighteasy 

The IVY CLIQ has a 2” selfie mirror so you know exactly what’s in the photo before you snap it and the IVY CLIQ+ features a 2″ selfie mirror with an eight-LED ring light. If you’ve ever taken a photo WITH a selfie ring light, you know what a big difference it makes! 

Canon Mini Print app

You can instantly print the photos you take on the Canon IVY CLIQ, and on the CLIQ+, you can connect your smartphone to the app via Bluetooth, and print those as well.

ZINK photo paper

A printer without ink?! The Canon IVY CLIQ uses ZINK paper, which heat activates colorful dye-based crystals embedded within the paper. And it’s all contained within the pocket-sized, brightly colored camera.

MicroSD card slot

One thing that has always bugged me about instant print cameras is that you only get one hard-copy image and that’s it. With this new Canon, not only can you print photos immediately, you can save images to print or share on social media later.

Canon Ivy Cliq Camera Specs

4 Fun Ways to Use the Canon IVY CLIQ

Travel Journal

Oh, how I wish I’d had one of these on my trip around the world! Printing images instantly would’ve given me so much more content for my personal journal. Now that I’m writing a book about the experience, it would be so helpful to have photo evidence for some of these written notes I made to myself. Some which make no sense eight years later!

Unique Guest Book

Use as an instant guest book at a wedding or Airbnb! Place the camera next to an empty photo album with instructions and props. It’s such a fun way to make sure all wedding attendees are photographed and a bargain compared to a traditional photo booth setup.

I’m contemplating leaving the IVY CLIQ over at our Airbnb. I think it would be so cute to have a little selfie board of all of our guests up on the wall, don’t you?


Most high schools make grads leave their cell phones behind for the ceremony, but the Canon IVY CLIQ is so small, it’s easy to sneak under a robe and capture sweet, up-close memories of the big day.

Crafts and DIY Projects

I am already planning a bunch of fun craft projects with my IVY CLIQ. Number one: it’s my dog niece Sheba’s Gotcha Day next week and I’m going to make cake toppers for her party. (Lordy, if that isn’t the most basic thing anyone’s ever done.)

Summer Adventures

As much as I love my big fancy camera rigs, sometimes I just want to frolic without a bag full of batteries, lenses and gear. We’ve been experimenting with the IVY CLIQ the past few weeks around the pool and loving the images we’re getting. Up next: the airport and beyond!

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