How My Trip to Morocco Inspired My Design Style

A few months have passed since my trip to Morocco with Intrepid Travel, and I continue to marvel at the distinctive way the destination has affected me since my trip. Unlike some of the other places I’ve visited, I don’t find myself craving the food, or missing the sites and scenery, or longing for friends I made in country. (Frankly I may never eat a tagine again, and I think that will be just fine.)

Instead, I’ve found that my Morocco trip has influenced my personal design style more than any other place I’ve ever been.

Morocco Design

I’m sure my appreciation for Moroccan design has much to do with the fact that Morocco was the last new country I visited at the end of my 2nd year of untethered, nomadic living.  It’s no coincidence that the country happens to have an incredibly different look and feel than what I’m used to. Its geometric patterns and colors still linger in my imagination. Now when I see Moroccan design influence in a store window, I’m transported to a Marrakech riad or the tiled floors of the market stalls in Fes.

Morocco Design

Memories of intricate patterns, bright colors and tiled mosaics have served me well in my brand new apartment – the first home base I’ve had in almost 2.5 years, and the first place I’ve ever had all to myself to decorate as I please.

Morocco Design

My new place is tiny by some standards, but huge in comparison to my Hell’s Kitchen apartment! I sold/left all my furniture back in NYC when I left to travel the world in 2010, so standing in my empty new place, all I could see was possibilities for a completely fresh start.

Funny… it’s quite the same feeling I get when I embark on a trip to a brand new place.

Morocco Design

Once I decided on a general design/color scheme (blue/green/gold/silver & globes/maps for the living room; coral/gray in the bedroom), I got to work… and by work, I mean spending heaps of money I don’t have. Whoops.

Morocco Design

I purchased 3 new pieces of furniture: a bed (the first new one I’ve ever owned!), a sectional sofa and a leather ottoman that folds out into a bed. (I just love multi-use pieces.)

Morocco Design

I bought a second-hand desk and dresser at Goodwill and with a bit of digging on Pinterest, transformed them into two pieces of furniture I’m really proud of. Check out that process here!

Lesson: don't let perfectionism mess up DIY projects!

From boring to Moroccan!

Morocco Design

With some paint, some colorful scrapbook paper and a few gallons of Mod Podge, I took what I saw in Morocco and made it work for a Floridian apartment. What do you think of my DIY efforts?

Morocco Design

While my Intrepid trip to Morocco certainly enhanced and inspired my personal decorating style, I’m still not too wild with colors and patterns, as you can tell. Where Moroccan design can be cacophonous, with 100 patterns and colors all jumbled together, I prefer muted accents, quiet colors (bright coral dresser aside!) and gentle patterns.

I see this first round of decorating as an experiment in personal design growth. If nothing else, that’s what travel is all about, right?

Morocco Design

At the end of the day, or the end of an epic adventure, the bottom line is that travel is something that’s always a part of you… whether you’re a constant nomad or someone with a home base. Though I never expected it would be possible, my new place doesn’t feel like home because it happens to be located in the place where I grew up just a few miles from grandparents, siblings, parents and cousins.

It feels like home because it reminds me of where I’ve always felt at home: abroad. 


Morocco Design

I know I’m not the only one to love both traveling AND home design. What country or region most inspired your design style?

Moroccan Design

Moroccan Design

30 thoughts on “How My Trip to Morocco Inspired My Design Style”

  1. LOVE it! Good DIY job on that dresser. That’s amazing. I always love having trip inspiration at home. I’m dying to go to Morocco just to see all of the tiles. Great post. 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s pretty impressive what you’ve done with the DIY projects. Morocco is definitely an inspiration, that’s for sure. My husband and I tried to do different themes for each room in our apartment … Mediterranean/Middle East for living room and African-themed bed room. I’ll definitely do things different next time, so thanks for the inspiration! I’m glad to hear it’s starting to feel like “home” for you. God bless.

    1. I wanted to do a different country/region for each room, too, but I think I’ll save that idea for when I have more than one bedroom! Would love a breezy Bahamas bedroom and a Balinese bathroom! Someday 😉

  3. wow Im totally digging the jewelry holder idea!

    great designs! I love when travel influences personal style. I’ve got Turkish and Balinese touches goin on in my place thanks to travel…

    1. I’m considering a jaunt back to Bali just to pick up gorgeous imported goodies for my place… I just know I could have a booming import business with all the amazing stuff I found in Indo!

  4. Oh my goodness. I love this! The only reason I even want a home one day is to fill is with goodies from or inspired by my travels. You’ve done a great job!

  5. “I LOVE what you did with that desk” was my initial response but I realized someone else had just posted that above. lol After 3 months in Brazil, I found myself adding brighter colors to my wardrobe.

  6. I felt the same way moving into a new room when I got home – that blank canvas feeling. It’s amazing! I really love what you’ve accomplished with your place. The desk especially. I love the desk!

  7. LOVE IT! it looks awesome. can’t believe you’re back in Florida with an apartment. must be that fancy new car holding you in one place! xx

  8. I love how your trip has influenced your decor! I love buying things on trips that I can decorate my home with that will remind me of my travel adventures. One of my favorite travel momentos is my silk rug in my hallway that I purchased in Morocco.

    1. I didn’t buy a whole lot of souvenirs while traveling – I just didn’t have the room in my bag – but I wish I did now! I think now that I’m taking shorter trips, I’ll be picking up much more goodies as I go =)

  9. I love how you’ve infused Moroccan style into your new apartment! Great job fixing up the dresser and desk; they look fantastic. How great that your surroundings conjure up fun memories of your travels!

  10. OMG, I love it all! Funny, while in Morocco for my third time, I was just saying that Moroccan design has always been my favorite, so I don’t think it’s necessarily just because it was your last country visited. And I have similar patterns to yours from West Elm and Z Gallerie, so clearly we’re in the majority with our love for Moroccan patterns!

    And girl, I am OBSESSED with your DIY furniture. Want to come to TN and do the same for some of mine? 😉

  11. Wow, you’ve been a busy bee! Looks gorgeous. Morocco is the only place I’ve been where I brought back so many things for my home. I loved all the lanterns and bright cushions.

    1. I wish I’d bought a cushion, but I just didn’t have space! Thinking of going back to Marrakech with an empty suitcase and a full wallet =)

  12. Oh. my. goodness. As a fellow travel and Pinterest lover, AND someone who just moved into her own place after years of travel and home-hopping, I am full-on geeking out over this. Your place is absolutely adorable – full of the same type of style and decor I have also been working on, but you are so much better at it. Thanks sooooo much for sharing this – I am so inspired! And enjoy your new pad! 🙂

  13. Wow! You are so much inspired from Morocco. I have heard a lot about Trips to Morocco. Also was planning a visit last year but plans didn’t work. Now after reading your blog, I want even more to go Morocco. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Wow, Angie! I am seriously impressed. You did an amazing job with that dresser and desk. I love the whole look of your apartment. Very chic and looks like it should be in a magazine!

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