A Fond Farewell to Egypt

I didn’t want my time in Egypt to end.

Despite a few rough moments… a burning coral reef gash on my leg, a middle-of-the-night gas station assault, two bloody ankles, muscle soreness in spots I don’t care to describe, henna stains on my face, a market chase scene, sore feet, freakishly swollen hands, heart palpitations, a brutal 18-hour bus ride, a jerky, smoky overnight train, a broken down boat, potty breaks in the open desert, an 11-hour overnight hike…

Ok, so there were more than a few rough moments.

Then how come it was so hard to say goodbye to Egypt?

My Egypt recap video – it’s a fun one!

When you tabulate the ups and the downs, it would seem the trip was a lot more painful than pleasant. But I could not have had a better time in post-revolution Egypt – injuries, sleeplessness and harassment included. I made brilliant new friends, had genuine, all-night gab-fests while floating down the Nile and enjoyed a blissful summer camp camaraderie I thought I was too old to ever get back.

I dreamed of touring Egypt Indiana Jones-style, with mummies and tombs and mysteries and romance. I may not have discovered the Holy Grail or unearthed an ancient pharaoh’s tomb from the sand, but I managed to tick quite a few of those boxes without even trying. And I did it all wearing a very cool hat.

I think Indy would be proud.


Thanks to On The Go Tours for providing the brilliant King Ramses tour. As always, all opinions are my own.


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22 thoughts on “A Fond Farewell to Egypt”

  1. So jealous! I’m sure the bad memories will seem even more hilarious with time, and the good memories will be the stuff your grandchildren will be telling their friends about. But I am a little shocked that you turned down such generous offers of camels in exchange for your hand… C’mon, Shakira, CAMELS!!!

    1. I KNOW! You’re totally right. I missed out on an opportunity to be one of the only pop stars in the world to own so many camels. What was I thinking turning that down?

  2. Fun video indeed! Also, you look so happy in the last photo in your post. I think Indy would indeed be proud. And, thanks to all your posts about it, I think Egypt has moved higher up on my list!

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