Upgrading My Life Before 40

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It’s been a while since I celebrated a big age milestone. Birthdays are a much bigger deal from 1-30, right? For the first 30 years, it seems like we celebrate a dozen graduations, all the special birthdays, transformative ages and time periods. Then you turn 30 and it’s like, well, enough of that. No more celebrations for you. Just be 30 and get on with things… until you’re 40.

Forty is around the corner for me and I’m already thinking about what that looks like – the epic party and the next decade. I mean, of course I’m planning for it. This is ME we’re talking about. Enneagram 3, remember? (Rachel keeps reminding me I’m not 40 yet because my justification for everything from spending too much money to taking naps is I’M ALMOST 40, RACHEL.) 

To be honest, I’m looking forward to my forties more than I ever thought possible. My 40+ friends tell me the best thing about being 40+ is that you care so much less about what others think. I like to think I’m already there but I welcome even more of that wokeness. And you longtime readers know that I’m always thinking about the next steps and how to make the next year or the next project or the next trip better.

To that end, I’ve partnered with Kelley Blue Book to highlight some ways I’m upgrading my life before I turn 40, my next big milestone.

1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

As I slide into 40, I’m reimagining the way I run my businesses, choosing low-stress clients and partners over high pressure ones, focusing on setting up more passive income options and farming out anything that saps my creativity. I can’t tell you how often I have to remind myself that I am the boss of this life so I get to decide what I want to do. I want to be aware of that power and confidence more often in my forties, and if that means doing things a bit differently, I’m all for it.

2. Declutter

I am shocked that six years ago I returned from a trip around the world owning just a few boxes of clothes and little else. Now? We’ve got two houses full of stuff, and a lot of it just does not bring me joy. I don’t buy much but somehow “stuff” accumulates. I definitely want to be on top of this better in my forties – and that might mean saying no to gifts and media mailers. We are running out of space, and clutter in my house means clutter in my head. I want to attack 40 with a clear head, so it’s time to have a garage sale!

3. Upgrade your Wheels

I’m ahead of the game on this one – we just bought a new car! I’ve been driving the cutest, sportiest Altima (Sheila the Shark, for those paying attention) for 6 years. I loved her so much but with foster kids on our radar within the next few years, a 2-door coupe just was not going to work. So we just upgraded to a roomy, safe SUV with three rows. I can’t think of anything more 40 than that!



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4. Rethink Working Out

For far too long, I believed that working out had to nearly kill me to count. And I’ve been paying the price with injuries since my mid-twenties. I’m wrapping my head around the fact that restorative yoga, dancing and a nice long walk can be just as beneficial as two hours of HIIT. Taking care of one’s body is so personal, and just because cross fit works for others does not mean it works for me. Sign me up for hot yoga or Zumba though!

5. Eat to Live

For my health, what I eat has to be a conscious decision and something I really plan out every day. I wish I were the type who could eat anything I want, but those days are behind me. I am upgrading my diet going into my forties because it’s the main thing that affects my health that I can control. Eating a diet of anti-inflammatory foods might not be exciting, but it’s a must for me.

6. Rest More

This is more of a theory than something I’ve actively been able to put into practice, but I’m working on it. Ideally, I’d like to be able to focus on work when it’s time for work and then rest when it’s time to rest. I have not had great boundaries with this historically. I don’t know anyone who can take a hobby and turn it into work like I can! But in my forties, I want to set some real boundaries for myself, have real vacations and maybe even weekends that aren’t run by mile-long to do lists. This will be a big one for me, but I think with some serious focus, I might just be able to do it.

I think I’m ready for the next milestone, y’all, but always open to suggestions. For all of you who are 40+, tell me… what am I missing on my list? And what’s the best upgrade you’ve made to your life lately?

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