5 Reasons to Smile in Aruba

Way back in August, I explored Bonaire with Alex, Kristin & Steph, and after a week of spectacular scuba diving, a surprise shark-themed bachelorette party, cave snorkeling in the dark and zipping around the island in the world’s teeniest car, we were understandably wiped out.

Weary and waterlogged, we dragged ourselves to Flamingo Airport to board a quick flight and move on to the relaxation portion of our adventure…

Off to One Happy Island — Aruba!


We took a very early Insel Air flight from Point A to Point B – actually, since we were in the ABC Islands, we went from Point B to Point A and just saw Point C, Curacao, from the sky – and landed after a wild and wacky night celebrating my upcoming wedding.


Moments after dropping our bags off, we were whisked to the Indulgence by the Sea spa, getting pampered with massages and cucumbers for our puffy, sleep-deprived eyes.


No photos, please. It was a late night | Photo via Camels & Chocolate

Did we love every minute of our girls’ weekend on Aruba? Take a look at the photos and you be the judge!


5 Reasons to Smile on One Happy Island


There’s something about waking up in Aruba and walking out on your waterfront balcony that just makes you feel good all over…. especially when the view looks like this. And for an all-inclusive at a very busy time, the beach never felt too crowded. 



Sand is great, but technically it’s just dirt until you match it up with the ever-changing turquoise hues that make the Caribbean so hypnotic.



After the zip-lining neck injury I acquired on a Caribbean island in 2014, I tend to exercise extreme caution now anytime I take on adventure activities. Will this hurt my neck or is it possible that I might bite my tongue off? (I know it sounds crazy but these are the things the non-insured have to think about!)

I was also taking into account that my wedding was right around the corner and I was trying my best to remain injury-free until the big day.

Encouraged by my travel squad, I threw caution to the wind. I asked the guide, “This isn’t too bouncy, right?”

He said with gusto, “100% bouncy!”

Oh boy.


5 Reasons to Smile in Aruba
5 Reasons to Smile in Aruba



Since it’s an all-inclusive, you can pretty much get whatever you want, whenever you want. We were in rest-mode, not party-mode, so we didn’t take as much advantage of the drinks as we might have if we were on a true vacation, but it was just nice to know you could have a Miami Vice or mimosa by the pool any old time if you wanted one.



Ok, confession time. I had no idea who Rachel Brathen was before our visit to Aruba. Kristin and Alex were soooo excited to potentially take a SUP class with her during our visit, I had to quickly get up-to-speed and get in-the-know. These youngsters and their social media celebrities, right?

Just a quick taxi from the Divi Tamarijn Aruba is the beach where Rachel and her team give SUP yoga classes. Rachel wasn’t there for our class, which was a disappointment, but it was still a ton of fun. At $50 per class, I’d probably only do it once, but that’s the price of adventure with an Instagram sensation. (Note to self: become an Instagram sensation)

It was my first time combining SUP with yoga, but I think I did pretty well. I didn’t fall off, at least.



Aside from the yoga class, we didn’t do much offsite on the island, and that’s a rather unusual travel step for me. But you know what? I needed it and it was awesome! I’ll never turn my nose up at the all-inclusive life, but I will say that next time I go to Aruba, I have much more to see and do.



No matter how far away we are from each other most of the time, I know how blessed I am to have these gals in my corner and on my travel team. Aruba, you are without question, One Happy Island. I can’t wait to come back!



5 Reasons to Smile in Aruba, One Happy Island

Have you been to Aruba? Where did you stay? What did you do? I’m already compiling notes for the return trip!

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  1. On my recent trip to the Dutch A,B,C islands I skipped the A. It looks lovely though, so I’m sure to pay it a visit next time! 🙂

  2. I’ve been to Sint Maarten, but not Aruba. If you go on the French side of the island (Saint Martin), it is more rustic and less touristy. Did you find that Aruba had any of that “authenticity” to it? Or was it all just white, sandy beaches and casino resorts all over the island?

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