3 Things You’ll Miss After a Rocky Mountaineer Journey

I’ve got a bone to pick with the folks at the Rocky Mountaineer.

Red carpet arrival every time you step on the train
Red carpet arrival every time you step on the train

Earlier this year, I traveled on the first journey of the Rocky Mountaineer train’s 25th anniversary season and had an absolutely stellar time. Before departure, I explored Vancouver; en route we had a sweet little overnight stop in Kamloops, B.C.; and I’ll never forget the spa day I had at the Fairmont Banff Springs, our final destination. The two magnificent days I spent zipping through the Rocky Mountains on a plush train with a glass viewing dome, all-inclusive meals and drinks and outstanding service made for an unforgettable first trip to Canada. Sounds perfect, right?

A little too perfect! Since experiencing the Rocky Mountaineer’s luxurious Gold Leaf service, almost every subsequent journey has been, well… not quite as golden. No one told me I’d be a different traveler once I stepped off the train. Sure, all the media materials claim it’s a “life-changing journey,” but I thought that was just ad copy. Let this post serve as my request for a more intense disclaimer!

Here are the three things I miss most about being on the Rocky Mountaineer.

A Rocky Mountaineer Benedict!
A Rocky Mountaineer Benedict!

1. Gourmet Food. Since my Rocky Mountaineer adventure from Vancouver to Banff, no one has shown up at my apartment to cook gourmet, locally sourced meals. Would you believe I basically have to fend for myself day in and day out? God only knows where my food comes from – wherever Chef Boyardee lives, I guess. It’s safe to say my deli meat doesn’t hail from some idyllic Canadian farm.

Open bar in the Rockies... a gal could get used to this!
Open bar in the Rockies… a gal could get used to this!

Sadly, since I’m the chief cook for myself and I’ve been on a bride diet for the past few months, I’ve barely had a meal with a satisfactory carb in it since my train ride. I miss you, homemade scones & breakfast Bailey’s!

A new menu every day!
A new menu every day! Eat well, travel often – love that motto!

2. Luggage Service. On the Rocky Mountaineer, luggage is magically transported from hotel to hotel each day while you gaze at the wilderness from inside the cushy train and ingest thousands of calories of deliciousness. You just leave your packed bags in your hotel room when you depart in the morning and faster than you can say “Accio Luggage!” — they’re waiting for you in the next town 12 hours later.

What is this traveling sorcery?!

While you journey, your bags are on their own adventure
While you journey, your bags are on their own adventure

Nobody told me that two ultra-plush days of magical luggage service would turn me into a traveling goddess who gets really sad about carrying heavy bags. Who could’ve foreseen how quickly I’d become accustomed to living in the lap of luxury?

All Aboard!
All Aboard!

My fiancé & I really haven’t traveled much together since I returned from Canada… I hope he doesn’t mind porting my luggage around on our honeymoon. ‘Cause that’s definitely happening.

3. Chilling/Chilling Out. The only times I’m not connected to WiFi are when I’m scuba diving or really off the grid – and I take great pains to never be really off the grid. I was rather stressed to learn that there was no WiFi on the Rocky Mountaineer, and for the majority of the journey, there would be limited tower connectivity.

That's not an iPhone in my hand for once! (It's a railroad spike!)
That’s not an iPhone in my hand for once! (It’s a railroad spike!)

You know what? After the first day of forced disconnection, I felt so free!! I put my phone down for the first time since iPhones were invented and my hand began to unfold from the death-grip position it’s been locked in all these years. It was so pleasant to look around and enjoy the ride without having to document every thought on social media. I needed that. (Y’all probably did, too.)

Gorgeous scenery and fresh air!
Gorgeous scenery and fresh air!

I also needed the Rocky Mountain chill! I’ve been sweating my fool head off in Florida all summer all the while daydreaming about snow-covered Rocky Mountain peaks and a blast of fresh, brisk air.

A Rocky Mountain selfie
A Rocky Mountain selfie – the best way to get a breath of fresh air.

Rocky Mountaineer, you have shaken up the way I travel and now I want your fancy services to follow me around wherever I go. Please send a Rocky Mountaineer host, chef and porter to my place in Florida right away…

…If that’s not possible, sign me up for another journey in 2016!

Read more about my journey on the Rocky Mountaineer, or check out scenic routes & booking info at RockyMountaineer.com

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4 thoughts on “3 Things You’ll Miss After a Rocky Mountaineer Journey”

    1. We just returned on the final run of the 25th season and a 4th thing I will miss is all the pampering by the wonder staff, how hard to come home and make my own breakfast and lunch and one could sit all day at home before a snack or drink would be delivered but not on the Mountaineer those people couldn’t have been more attentive!

  1. Really loved your story and great sense of humor! I feel the same sentiments as well. Rocky Mountaineer excursions are the best! I’ve been fortunate to have traveled several times from Vancouver to Whistler and last year to Banff. Unforgettable!

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