Roadtripping to Nashville for #KEEN2013

Hi guys – it’s RaeRae, the younger, yet substantially taller half of The Jet Sisters!

We are on the road again! We’ve packed up Sheila the Shark and we’re headed north to Nashville for the KEEN Digital Summit, founded by our friend and fellow blogger Kristin Luna of Camels and Chocolate.

KEEN Digital Summit draws from the top digital entrepreneurs, leaders, founders and innovators, bringing all under one roof from October 24-27 in a three-day B2B and B2C event and expo. This inaugural conference in Nashville, Tennessee welcomes social influencers, journalists, editors, developers, start-ups, small businesses and Fortune 500 brands alike to come meet, collaborate and learn about innovative technologies and new platforms in the areas of travel, technology, food and spirits, and family.

My big sister (Angie Away, to all of you!) is speaking on Millenial Marketing: How to Reach Generation Y, and I can’t wait because she likes public speaking even less than she likes driving for 10 hours. I’m going to record her whole talk just in case she passes out. What are sisters for?

Miami with Kristin Luna & The Jet Sisters
Miami with Kristin Luna & The Jet Sisters

If the last Jet Sisters business trip we took to Miami taught us anything, it was not to wear heels all weekend while running from one side of the Fontainebleau to the other, partying with Ke$ha, dancing with Pitbull and twerking with Miley. We came home from Miami with two things on our body – glitter and blisters!

One of the best parts about our visit to Miami was hanging out with Kristin again. We spent a weekend at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with Kristin, her sister and her mom a few years ago, then we conquered Miami and now it’s on to the Music City. Ange & I have never been, so we are very much looking forward to it. 

Harry Potter adventures with the Luna & Orth sisters
Harry Potter adventures with the Luna & Orth sisters

But first… the 10 hour drive from Jacksonville. Likely already in progress as you read this.

When Ange ask me to come with her to KEEN, she put me in charge of snacks, playlists and directions. Since it appears Nashville is going to be pretty chilly when we arrive, we grabbed all of our coats, scarves, hats, boots and pants out of storage (and by storage I mean went to the mall and spent all my money). We will certainly be warm and stylish upon our arrival to the new Omni Nashville, and I hope the bellhops are ready… because we brought everything we own.

With such a travel savvy big sister, it’s hard to admit this, however, I thought we had to drive through Georgia then Kentucky to get to Tennessee. I was quickly smacked on the head by my world traveling cohort, and directions were removed from my list of responsibilities. I now know what states we will be driving through this weekend and I will never forget it.


Does anyone have tips for what to do to entertain ourselves for 10 hours? Should we pick up some hitchhikers or what? Are there any places along the way that we should see? World’s largest rubber band ball?

Hopefully, the drive will go by quickly so we can arrive at KEEN in time to hear the Mayor of Nashville open the conference. It’s going to be a treat to hear Ange speak on Saturday, even if she doesn’t fall off the stage.

The hitchhikers and I will be cheering her on from the front row!


You can join our road trip on Twitter! We’d love to hear your suggestions for making I-75 a little more fun…

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