Facing Fears : My Encounter with the Minjin Swing

“Oooh, what’s a Minjin Swing?” I cooed cluelessly upon receiving my Tourism Queensland itinerary before my most recent trip to Australia. Scanning the document, my eyes focused on AJ HACKETT – and at that moment I knew the Minjin Swing, whatever it was, would be no easy-going adventure down under.

AJ Hackett may be a Kiwi, but his brand of adrenaline is one very familiar to the Aussie contingent. I don’t know what it is about this part of the world, and I hate to generalize, but these folks love to jump off of stuff.

The AJ Hackett facility in Cairns is set way back in the jungle, and forget crocodile encounters & survival skill training – this is the premiere place in Queensland to scare yourself half to death. Traditional adrenaline junkies (is that a thing?) go for the Bungy, a 50-meter / 164-ft. plunge toward a teeny pond. There are 16 different ways to jump, from the swan dive or water touch to the naked plunge. Bungy jumpers get to choose their own adventure from the Jump Menu, and I think that’s what makes the experience at AJ Hackett as empowering as it is adrenaline-boosting.

How would you jump?
How would you jump?

Since I’ve never really been inclined to hurl myself at the earth with a rubber band around my ankles (naked, dressed in a Chewbacca costume, or otherwise), I directed my nervous attention to the other option – the Minjin Swing!

The Minjin Swing allows up to three people to experience a heart-pounding swoop through the jungle at up to 75 MPH, whooshing like an enraged wilderness beast from 150 feet to a yard (ONE YARD!) in 3.5 seconds. The in-person experience is far more thrilling than anything I could write in words, so have a look at the 5 Angie Away-Endorsed Steps for a Successful Minjin Swing Experience, and then press play for my take on the Minjin Swing, taken with 2 GoPros and an iPhone!

Step 1 : Question Sanity

Step 2 : Buckle Up

Step 3 : Ascend to 148 Feet

Step 4 : Fly at 75 MPH

Step 5 : Revel in Your Bravery

(And for heaven’s sake, keep an eye on your volume… you get intimately acquainted with the strength of my vocal cords around the :38 second mark!)

Did you noticed how I was scared to death and then afterwards I was all, “Oh yeah, that was nothing!”  Don’t listen to me – it was just the fear in my bloodstream talking. It was flipping SCARY — and yes, awesome — but I was shaking like a leaf for an hour afterward.

(Makes ya wonder if I could’ve hacked it as the Best Job in the World Island Caretaker… I think it was probably better for my heart that I was a finalist and not the ultimate winner!)

Definitely consider adding a visit to AJ Hackett to a Queensland itinerary if you’re looking to jumpstart your vacay with a really crazy adventure. I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day!


Special thanks to the folks at Tourism Queensland for organizing the trip. All opinions, fears and hysterical freakouts are my own. Watch this space for more posts featuring the adrenaline-spiking activities, beautiful resorts and wildlife experiences of Tropical North Queensland. 

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6 thoughts on “Facing Fears : My Encounter with the Minjin Swing”

  1. I also experience doing that ride here in our country during our company outing last May. The name of the ride is superman ride and the trail is 140 meters long. I remember that when it was my turn to take the ride my feet turns to jelly! But after the ride I had so much fun.I felt that I am invincible! LOL.

  2. You’re amazing Angie, just like your Uncle Bruce! I just wish he had the passion for travel like you and I do. Help me talk him into Mt. biking in New Zealand and for a lot more than 2 weeks!

    Happy Adventures to you!!! Come back to Kauai, we miss you!

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