The 11 Wildest Rides I’ve Been On (So Far)

I have a book of lists that I fill in once in a while just for fun, and one of them prompts you to list all rides you’ve ever taken. Particularly after this past year, I started really thinking about all the planes, trains, automobiles and even creatures I’ve hitched a ride on. Here are some of my favorites!

1. Zorb, New Zealand

While in Rotorua, I visited the original Zorb location and inexplicably volunteered to dive headfirst into a giant plastic ball filled with warm water. Then I rolled down a hill. It was weirdly exhilarating. I’ll never do it again.

2. Ultralight plane, New Zealand

New Zealand is truly the adventure capital of the world, and even though I didn’t Bungee or skydive (though I tried), barrel rolling over the Coromandel Peninsula in an ultralight plane with my friend Cliff was more than enough adventure for me. I’ll never do it again.

3. Longtail Boat, Thailand

On most days, a longtail boat ride to Koh Phi Phi would be leisurely, tropical fun. On the day I went, our overstuffed boat nearly capsized in high seas. Not my favorite day. I might try it again though.

This is not supposed to happen.

4. Surfboard, Indonesia

While I certainly hoped I’d be a natural surfer like my Dad, I never actually expected it to be so easy. The long board helped, I’m sure! Will definitely do again as soon as possible!

Seminyak, Bali

5. The Stray Asia Bus, Laos

We hurtled around hairpin turns and tore over ripped up roads for six nauseating hours a day during my visit to Laos. It was awesome. I’d probably do it again, with some Dramamine.

Celebrating Laos New Year with my tourmates

6. Donkey, Greece

While a donkey ride in Santorini may seem like the quintessential Greek activity, riders beware! There’s nothing safe about this presumably easy-breezy ride. You could definitely break an arm, leg or marriage during this adventure. Definitely would not do it again.Trying to stay alive

7. Scooter, Indonesia

Even though I only rode about 100 meters or so, that was enough. I’m just lucky there weren’t newborn twins and 3 bushels of bananas balancing on top of my head to boot. Don’t want to do it again, but probably will out of necessity someday.

8. Helicopter, Hawaii

Right after college graduation, my friend Morgee & I went to Kauai and took the helicopter ride of a lifetime. If you ever visit the Garden Isle, this is a can’t miss. You see the famous Na’Pali Coast, a thousand waterfalls, rainbows and so much greenery you almost can’t take it in… while the Jurassic Park soundtrack plays in your headphones. It doesn’t get better than that. Would definitely do it again because I need to take better quality digital pictures!

9. Japanese Fighter Jet, California

Before I was a full-time adventurer, I was a part-time USA galavanter with my grandparents. During one infamous road trip from San Francisco to San Diego, we stopped at one of their Navy pals’ homes and took a little flight around Monterrey Bay in an old Japanese fighter jet. (At least I think that’s what it was. I barely remember.) I would probably do it again. Why not?

Me about to take off

My grandma climbing in for an amazing ride

10. White Water Raft, New Zealand

Though I’d been rafting before in Georgia, I never had such wimpy people in my boat, cowering anytime we came upon a Class V rapid. Would definitely raft again.

11. Hot Air Balloon, Turkey

I haven’t written about this experience yet, so stay tuned!


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30 thoughts on “The 11 Wildest Rides I’ve Been On (So Far)”

  1. Cool post! I’ve done a few of these activities myself (like zorbing in Rotorua, surfing, white water rafting, and hot air ballooning), but you’ve definitely got me beat!

      1. OMG, I LOVED it! I also did the “wet” option, and I did it with a friend. I have never laughed so much in my entire life! I’d definitely do it again.

  2. I love this post! I haven’t been in a hot air balloon yet and I am waiting for Turkey. I am totally looking forward to your post about it! My wildest ride so far is definitely flying my own stunt plane in New Zealand. I did 360’s in the air and twirled my way around the sky. It was incredible to fly upside down and take over the controls of my instructor. Looks like you’ve had many an amazing ride as well!

    1. You will LOVE hot air ballooning in Turkey. It was one of my favorite activities ever ever ever. So beautiful!
      And you are a much braver woman than me…. I did 2 barrel rolls in NZ and was over it, haha.

  3. Wow, haha – you certainly have been on some wild ones. White water rafting was probably the craziest for me…I did ride on an elephant when I was a kid but found him to be much tamer =)

      1. I did enjoy it – I’ve only done it once before…though one of the rafts in our group flipped over and there was panic as the guides had to save people in Class 5 rapids – that kind of killed the buzz

  4. Nice list! I remember my first zorb ride haha it was crazy but i liked it 😀 the most unforgettable for me as of the moment is the white water tubing ride where i fell once and the current is quite strong and yep, i dunno how to swim. 😐

  5. Jim & Vivian Selby

    This was great. We are so proud of Angie’s career and how she has grown thank you for the updates and we miss you. Love Vivian & Jim

  6. Angie,
    Your photos look Great, it’s amazing you’ve accomplished soo much, Thank you for sharing. The photos of you and your grandma flying over Monterey Bay with my Dad ( Jim Selby ), the Aircraft is Chinese Built, it’s a Nanchang CJ-6A, if you’re ever on the Peninsula, we would be more than Happy to take you flying again. Continue to enjoy the things you love to do, you’re very lucky. Wishing you and your Family the very Best..

    Best Regards
    Jim Selby Jr

  7. Angie, you are always killin’ it! So glad I met you and get to enjoy stalking your life! Can’t wait to follow in your footsteps on some of these!

  8. I’ve got to add a Dominican moto to this list, especially when you’re heading up to the tallest waterfall in the Caribbean 🙂

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