Angie’s a pretty typical Southern girl next door.

Angie Orth PhotographerWhere it all began

She was born on a superstitious Friday, got her names from the Allman Brothers and Mick Jagger, grew up in the backyard of a Magic Kingdom, waved lighters at countless Southern Rock shows, attended high school at a monster truck rally, cartwheeled at Versailles, laid bricks in South America, interviewed with Trump, bleeds orange and blue, worships the Savior, sings enthusiastically, avoids public speaking and falls asleep when sitting still. She likes old movies that make her think, taking naps because she can and dreamy fellas who aren’t intimidated by moxie.

High school graduation

After a short post-college stint in Atlanta, Angie left the South to become Big Apple Angie, moving to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of and landing the best job in the world in the Travel + Lifestyle practice at Weber Shandwick, the world’s largest public relations agency. Every day at the office, she combined her passion for travel with a knack for communicating.

During her 4+ year adventure at WS, she coordinated dozens of media FAM trips, video shoots and massive events, wrote a press release or two, launched a magical theme park, pitched until she was blue in the face, evolved into the travel group’s digital media go-to gal and met amazing travelers from all over the world.

Though she already had an exciting PR career, in 2009 Angie entered a contest to win Queensland’s Best Job in the World – and her video and essay made the top 50 out of more than 30,000+ entrants. The experience reminded her that a fast-paced job in NYC was great, but it didn’t leave much time to see the world. Her wanderlust was reignited.  She began to tentatively think about the next chapter in her travelogue…

In 2010, after careful consideration, lots of prayers and years of saving for a rainy day, this small town girl next door decided to take her travel show on the road. This blog is her story. Enjoy!

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