A Very Sharky Birthday in South Africa

Now y’all know I don’t usually post so quickly after an event… I like to process my travel thoroughly and then write about it. But today was just too brilliant, and I had to share ASAP. My magnificent fabulous 30th birthday extravaganza yesterday was washed out by torrential downpours and a hailstorm the likes of which I’ve never before seen, even in crazy Florida weather. So my plans, which have been in place for ages, were washed down the drain, and my actual birthday was a disappointment.

Fortunately, my pity party was short lived and my birthday festivities were rescheduled for today beginning at 4 a.m. Have a look at how I celebrated the big three-o.

My party dress

My birthday party venue

My first party guest

Bite marks in the party decor? Party on!

Mmmmm appetizers!

This is my favorite picture of the day, for obvious reasons! The shark swam right up to the cage and took a big ole bite of buoy, so I was able to quickly snap this shot. My only birthday wish this year was that a shark would try to eat me while in the cage, and it came true!

I even slapped a video together, but sorry – there’s no music or editing or bells & whistles this time. I think you’ll find my outbursts of joy are soundtrack enough. I really wanted you to share with you on the same day it happened… then it’s a bit like you were all here to celebrate with me. (And furthermore, I just wanted to thank all you readers, not just for the birthday wishes yesterday, but for virtually traveling with me this amazing 29th year. I have no regrets and only opportunities and more big fun ahead. Thank you thank you thank you!)

For more shark coverage and of course, the unbelievable stories from the rest of the journey, stay tuned!

Want to experience Great Whites up close? I went with The White Shark Diving Co. in Gansbaai, South Africa.

 So, what do you think about my birthday party? Would you do it? Do you find it ironic that I will literally run screaming bloody murder away from a cockroach and yet Great White Sharks are as innocuous as puppies to me?

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