A Grown Up Bed: Our Purple Mattress Review

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Have you ever heard the story of the princess and the pea?

The Princess and the Pea is a literary fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen about a young woman whose royal identity is established by a test of her sensitivity. The story tells of a prince who wants to marry a princess but is having difficulty finding a suitable wife. Something is always wrong with those he meets and he cannot be certain they are real princesses because they have bad table manners or they are not his type.

One stormy night a young woman drenched with rain seeks shelter in the prince’s castle. She claims to be a princess, so the prince’s mother decides to test their unexpected guest, by placing a pea in the bed she is offered for the night, covered by huge mattresses and 20 feather-beds. In the morning, the guest tells her hosts that she endured a sleepless night, kept awake by something hard in the bed that she is certain has bruised her. With the proof of her bruised back, the princess passes the test and the prince rejoices happily. A huge wedding takes place in the palace. Only a real princess would have the sensitivity to feel a pea through such a quantity of bedding. —Wikipedia 

This might surprise you since my husband Rick is such a strong, studly hunk, but he also reminds me of the princess in this story.

We’re on our 3rd mattress in 5.5 years of marriage. If that seems like a lot, I agree with you. Personally, I’ve slept on mattresses until they were so worn out I rolled right onto the floor if I moved out of the center. But not Princess Husband. Oh no. He has never been fully satisfied with any of our mattresses. No sooner do we try a new one and he’s all, “It’s too soft. It’s not squishy enough. It’s too hot.” Peas everywhere you go with this guy. 

Just being real, I can sleep almost anywhere… and I have. Many red-eye flights, a KISS concert, Ginnie Springs on a weekend, a fishing boat in high seas, under my desk at my PR job and pretty much every train I’ve ever been on. So for me to sleep well on almost any mattress is not all that big of a deal.

So back to Rick. When we first bought our house a few years ago, we picked out a whole bedroom suite with a queen-sized bed frame to go with our pricy mattress. It did not take long for him to share that not only did he not like the mattress, but he now wanted a king-sized bed.

THIS MAN, I swear. I’m not about to buy a new mattress every year. Our mattresses – all of them – have been absolutely 100% acceptable.

Plus, just between us, I was a little bit worried that a king-sized bed would be too big and we’d never see each other anymore. I’ve read that some couples super-size to a bigger bed and then never speak again and their whole marriage falls apart. I’m just saying – these things happen. (Yes, I’m the penny pincher and the drama queen of this relationship.)

Eventually, as always, I caved. Rick is 6’4”, after all, and it would be nice if he could really spread out without limbs dangling off the edge of the bed. We also have a chunky 90-lb. bed hog named Leia, and frequent canine visitors Sheba and Vader who also must snuggle in the bed because they think they’re people.

Ultimately, we agreed to get a new bed frame, mattress, bedding — the works. And that’s when a squishy Purple mattress showed up on our doorstep.

Purple Mattress Review

Who the Purple Mattress is For

The Purple is known as a cooling, low-cost, high-value mattress. All characteristics I’m super into. It’s recommended for all types of sleepers – side, front, back – so that encouraged me that Rick and I might both be able to love this brand. After a couple weeks of trying out The Purple Premier 3, I’ve got some thoughts!

Temperature Control

Rick and I are both super hot sleepers – I mean, comforters are purely decorative around here – so we need a mattress that doesn’t trap heat. The Purple Mattress does an excellent job of staying cool due to its unique technology. This ain’t your grandma’s hot memory foam. Purple’s 1,800 air channels built into the temperature-neutral grid allows air to flow through the bed and keep you cool all night. 

Pressure Relief 

If you flop all around like I do trying to get comfy, The Purple might be for you. I never really made the connection until now that my mattress was contributing to my sleepless nights, but now that I’ve slept on The Purple – especially when side sleeping or stomach sleeping – I get it. 

I noticed the very first night how it flexes with you every time you move, but springs right back into place as you adjust. I’ve never felt so supported while side-sleeping, real talk. I’ve been excited to hop in bed ever since we got The Purple!

What Does The Purple Mattress Feel Like?

It definitely feels different than any memory foam or coil mattress we’ve had. Made with a unique grid system of flexible, hyper-elastic gel, it feels more like you’re gently floating atop the mattress rather than sinking down into it. It’s squishy but not sink-y. That definitely contributes to the comfort – no pressure on your shoulders or hips – and cool feeling. I told Rick I’ve never felt so light as I do on The Purple.

How to Order a Purple Mattress 

Ordering a mattress from the Internet is soooo 2021, am I right? First, who wants to go out and try out mattresses that other folks have also tried out in the middle of a pandemic? Gonna be a hard pass from me on that experience. So what could be better than trying a new bed out for 100 days with no risk? Shipping is free and returns are free if you don’t love it. If you’ve been in the market for a cooler, cozier mattress, now’s a great time to check out The Purple. 

To check out The Purple, click here

Is The Purple Mattress Worth It?

When you order The Purple, they give you 100 days to sleep on it and see if it’s for you. If not, you can return for free. There’s really no risk! Plus, there’s a 10 year warranty.

So, what did Big Rick think of The Purple

Even the princess — errr, uh, I mean, my manly husband – loves it! And so do I. It’s different than any mattress I’ve ever slept on, which makes me happy that I didn’t just trade one experience for a similar one. And I actually LOVE the king sized. No divorce on the horizon as far as I can tell. WHEW. 

I’m not big into fairy tales, but finding a mattress my big guy loves is a dream come true. 

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    1. Bought my Putple mattress a month ago. Have been dealing with a sore shoulder since I helped an old man up after he fell. Nothing I did relieved the pain. After sleeping on the mattress 1 night my shoulder did not hurt. Now I can sleep with my arm under my pillow, which I haven’t been able to do for 2 years. An amazing mattress!

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