Monograms Travel: Let Someone Else Plan Your Trip!

Hi all! I’ve just returned from a two week trip in London and Italy where I ate so much pizza and pasta, I had to buy new pants (not a joke)!
This was an extra special Europe trip because:
1) it was my very first time visiting Italy
2) I didn’t go completely alone… 

I partnered with Monograms Travel to experience their way of seeing the world.

The London Eye - Angie Away

Y’all, for me, this trip with Monograms was ideal. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know Angie started out as a solo female traveler forever ago. She went all the way around the world BY HERSELF in 2010, and while she and I are similar in A LOT of ways, this is not one of them.

The thought of traveling by myself sounds absolutely terrible. But let me explain why:
  • I am a people person and I love traveling to new places with my friends. Going anywhere alone just sounds so boring.
  • I am not the best when is comes to navigating new places alone. I don’t know what it is, but when I’m by myself I overthink everything and end up lost all the time. But when I’m with people, I’m the one in charge of everything and never get lost. Weird, right?
  • If I’m alone, who will take a photo of me?!
So when I heard about Monograms Travel, I knew that their way of traveling was a fit for me. I was pretty confident with visiting London again, but since Italy was a new destination for me, I was very happy for the extra help.

What is Monograms Travel?

Monograms offers the convenience of a group tour and the freedom of independent travel in one. So you have the option of traveling with a few other people, or going it alone. I’ve been on tours where every single second of the day is scheduled, leaving no time for exploring on our own or resting. That’s exhausting and not my favorite way to travel. 

Monograms takes care of the stressful travel details, leaving you to just have fun! Even seasoned travelers can miss tours, book the wrong train ticket or flat-out show up at the wrong hotel. With so many details to keep track of, it’s bound to happen. But planning a trip with Monograms lets an expert take care of the not-so-fun planning parts of a trip, while you focus on the fun parts. Tell them what you’d like to see and do, and BAM, no more stress. 

Monograms encourages you to travel the world independently, but with a little extra help from an expert. I feel that!

Why choose Monograms?

Do you like arranging rides to and from the airport, buying tickets in advance and trying to navigate a new metro system all after an overnight flight where you got ZERO hours of sleep? Of course not! When you book a trip with Monograms, you work with them to plan everything you want to see and do in advance, and they take it from there. Traveling is fun, but missing flights, getting lost and ending up in the wrong hotel is not. 

The Monograms Process

A few months before the trip, you’ll choose the excursions and tours you want to do and they make all the phone calls for you. A few weeks before the trip, you’ll get an email getting you excited and prepared for your vacation, including last minute packing tips and a check list so you don’t forget a thing! Once you arrive, it’s smooth sailing.
With every trip, you’ll be connected with a Local Host who knows everything about the city you’re exploring. The Monogram’s Local Host will greet you at the hotel with an itinerary, VIP passes to top attractions, maps and anything else you might need for your stay.
One of my favorite things Monograms offers on their trips is a tour of the city with your Host. Getting to know the city with an expert is a must and the best way to start out any trip. 
If you ever encounter any problems, your Host is ready to answer any question or arrange anything you might need. Looking for a restaurant only the locals know about? Or the best place to shop for deals? The Local Hosts have the inside scoop to any questions, because they grew up there!
Not only do you have your Local Host available, but there’s a MonogramsGO app that helps plan your trip, too. The Apple and Android friendly MonogramsGO app keeps all your trip information right there on your phone. Keep track of flight, hotel and transfer information, review the itinerary and check out more sightseeing, entertainment, dining and shopping options in town. 
I just returned from a trip to London and Sorrento with Monograms and I can’t wait to share my experience with you all. They took care of everything – from choosing hotels in safe, centrally located areas, to booking tours and show tickets on the best days and picking out local eateries. It will be hard to go back planning my next few trips without them. 

Travel the world with Monograms

Travel the world with Monograms

Up next, visiting London with Monograms! This wasn’t my first time in London, but having a Local Host made a HUGE difference. I did so many new things this time around, I’m excited to share my Monograms experience with you all. 

Thanks to Monograms and iambassador for hosting my visit and supporting independent content creators like us! And thank you, readers, for supporting the partners and travel providers that keep Angie Away and The Jet Sisters a free travel resource. Please note, contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using these links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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