Rocking Out In Miami

It’s taken a couple years of coaxing to get this guest poster to sit still long enough to write something up for Angie Away (*shakes fist at all Millenials!*) Between graduating from high school, kicking butt in her first year of college and uploading random videos to Vine, my 19-year-old sister/best friend/partner-in-crime/intern Rachel has had very little time to join me in my world travels in the recent past. Fortunately, I was able to whisk her to Miami last weekend for the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party where we had the perfect sisterly adventure. You’ve read my photo-heavy recap of the weekend, now here’s her take: 


I have lived in North Florida my whole life, almost 20 years, and until a few weeks ago, I had never been to south to Miami. I think as a Floridian sometimes I take for granted that I live in a state full of amazing things to see and do, and though Miami is less than an hour away from Jacksonville by plane, it never really occurred to me to visit. (I usually spend my free time in Orlando. I am a SUCKER for theme parks!)

Since I’ve always wanted to travel the world like my tiny big sis, Florida and other domestic destinations often seemed to pale in comparison to the bucket list destinations. Angie took me to London and Paris for my Sweet 16 in 2009, and since then I have always dreamed of traveling the globe with her as The Jet Sisters, a rag-tag duo of wild-and-crazy gals, taking on the world! (Did you know you can follow us on Twitter!?)

The Jet Sisters in London
The Jet Sisters in London

BUT! Since our trip down to the 305 for the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party, my eyes have been opened to some of the adventures that can happen right here in my own backyard. It  all started when Angie was invited to Miami by Visit Florida. She was able to bring a guest and who better to invite than her favorite, tall, wonderful, adorable sister?! (Angie edit: of course I brought RaeRae! She’s the only one who would sing  “I don’t care, I love it!” in a pool with me!)

The Jet Sisters' longtime travel pal, Kristin Luna of Camels & Chocolate
The Jet Sisters’ longtime travel pal, Kristin Luna of Camels & Chocolate

We flew down Friday morning so we could have the day to explore The Fontainebleau before the events started that night. When we arrived in the lobby, I was blown away. I’ve never stayed in a place like it, so full of history. It was built in 1954 and since then has been restored several times. With more than 1500 rooms, enormous towers and expansive lobbies, we found out that it’s not a fun place to get lost in 6-inch heels!  (Angie edit: STOP wearing 6-inch heels! You make it look like I’m sitting down in every photo of us!)

Thinking of changing our name to The Yacht Sisters
Thinking of changing our name to The Yacht Sisters

On Saturday we attended the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party, and it sure lived up to the name — ULTIMATE! Hundreds of people crowded in the pool of the Fontainebleau to watch Jason Derulo, Krewella and Icona Pop rock out.  The crowed splashed enthusiastically as the artists sang everyone’s favorite musical hits of summer. The boom of the speakers sent sound waves past the pool and into the ocean. I’m sure the dolphins could hear Jason Derulo singing and the crowed cheering. We danced pool side and eventually jumped into the sea of bodies when Icona Pop played our summer anthem, “I Love It.” And yes, we loved it! 

The Jet Sisters' longtime travel buddy, Kristin Luna of Camels & Chocolate
Pool partying!

After the pool party, it was time for the biggest event of the weekend, the concert! Angie and I were both eager and a little anxious to see Ke$ha’s show, because, you know… she’s crazy. Her performance was, errmmm, weird but interesting.  The dancing eye balls, the men dressed as women, the wigs, the copious glitter, the inflatable hippo and the chicken costumes. It was entertaining as performance art, but pretty vulgar during the in-between-dialog to the audience.

Surprisingly, Pitbull’s performance was the most fun of the whole night. The “Mayor of Miami” had us dancing in the crowd until midnight and singing every word I knew in Spanish. I have decided that if college doesn’t work out, I am going to be a back-up dancer for Pitbull. They were so fit and beautiful, and hey, it wouldn’t be so bad to shake it with Pitbull every night. Just think how much my Spanish would improve!

In my cozy hometown of Jacksonville, it is so easy to get wrapped up in school, work and friends, and completely forget about how much there is to do in the Sunshine State. My trip to Miami with my big sis showed me that there’s much more to my own backyard than I ever could have imagined, and I look forward to exploring it with her in the future. Right, Ange? (Angie edit: Of course! But you have to finish your homework first!)


So how’s that for a debut post? Please let RaeRae know what you thought of her stab at becoming a travel blogger. She’s studying advertising and public relations just like I did, so she may well travel a similar path to her big sis. Advice welcome!

Thanks to Visit Florida for the invitation and to the Fontainebleau and iHeartRadio for putting on an unforgettable weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Rocking Out In Miami”

  1. Good first post, Rachel! I’m predicting you follow in Angie’s footsteps and it won’t be long before you two are taking the world by storm.

  2. Nice to get your perspective Rachel! Still can’t believe it was your first visit to Miami, but I presume it won’t be your last. You and Angie need to take full advantage of your proximity to Miami!

  3. I also find Keisha weird but her songs are catchy and has this party beat. Anyway, good luck on conquering the world together with your sister. It looks like you two are very close to each other. God bless the both of you on your future road trips and travel escapade!

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