Come to Morocco with Intrepid Travel & Me!

After last week’s impassioned voting and discussion on Facebook, Twitter and in the blogosphere, YOU have chosen which Intrepid Travel adventure — Classic Peru, Active Turkey or Morocco Experience — you’d like to join Kirsten & I on….

Drum roll, please… Salaam Aleikum! It’s fabulous Morocco!

(Did you already figure that out from the title? Smartie!)

With 45 percent of the vote, Morocco only edged out Peru (38%) at the very last moment. Poor Turkey was left in the dust with just 16 percent of the vote, leading me to believe that Turkey must be one of the world’s best kept secrets. Kirsten & I have both been there and loved it!

Anyhow, now it’s time for Kirsten and I to plan our upcoming trip to see all that Morocco has to offer, AND most importantly to you, to give away a spot on the trip to one lucky reader each. How exciting is that?!

A little about Intrepid Travel’s Morocco Experience

Intrepid’s Morocco Experience trip features 15 action packed days from Casablanca to Marrakech. We’ll see the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, camp in the sandy Sahara Desert, sleep in a hotel made of Saharan sand, visit the medieval old town of Fes and take a million pictures of colorful, photogenic spice markets & souqs along the way.

Did you know? 

  • Morocco is heavily influenced by French language & culture having once been a French protectorate. Morocco gained political independence in 1956.
  • Morocco is the 57th largest country in the world.
  • Morocco has a coast on the Atlantic Ocean that reaches past the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Spain to the north, Algeria to the east the and Western Sahara to the south.
  • Morocco is the only African country not in the African Union.
  • Almost all Moroccans speak Berber, Moroccan Arabic or French as mother tongues.

How to Enter 

Entering to win is super easy – just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below and boom – you’re halfway there!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Once you’ve entered here on Angie Away, check out Aviators & A Camera for details on how to win Kirsten’s trip.

We will use Rafflecopter to randomly select a winner, so the contest is open to friends, family, strangers, handsome, Humphrey Bogart-esque single fellas – anyone 18+ with a passport and an urge to see the souqs, spice markets, deserts, mountains and wonders of Morocco.

You can enter beginning today through Oct. 20 and we’ll announce the winners on Oct. 22 – so what are you waiting for?! Let’s go to Morocco!


The fine print: If the trip dates chosen don’t work for you, you are welcome to use the Morocco Experience credit on your own by June 30, 2013. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. In the event the same person wins both trips, another name will be drawn. Airfare, any taxes, visas, passport fees, meals and any activities not outlined at are the responsibility of the winner. is responsible for promoting the campaign and selecting a winner. All trip details, requirements and responsibilities are managed by Intrepid Travel. Contest is void where prohibited.

245 thoughts on “Come to Morocco with Intrepid Travel & Me!”

  1. I think I am in need of some packing tips! I am currently trying to pack up my life to move abroad and am totally overwhelmed. What to bring, what not to bring – I don’t know!

    That being said, I will soon be starting a job with 5 weeks vacation (oh Norway, I love you already) and could certainly use a bit of that time to explore Morocco.

  2. Elizabeth Duncan

    So glad this is open to all! I’m from the US and my packing tip is to pack in a carry on if at all possible. If not, pack a change of clothes to take on the plane just in case!

  3. Oh my goodness, a new blog to follow and love! I’m an Aussie traveling Europe and my best packing tip would be my habit of folding my dirty underwear and socks in to that day’s dirty shirt so you always know exactly what is clean and what needs a wash!

  4. Morocco is definitely on my ‘want to go there’ list! I’ve been travelling for almost a year, so I think my best packing tip is to take what you definitely need, not all the things you *might* need. I’m from the US – raised in GA, but a NYCer for the past 16+ years.

  5. I’m thrilled Morocco won. All of Intrepid’s trips look great and this seems like a wonderful introduction to the country. Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  6. My packing tip is to tuck used bounce sheets between clothes to keep them smelling like fresh laundry in your suitcase throughout a trip! (I’m from Mexico)

  7. I’m excited that Morocco won – although I wouldn’t complain if it had been Turkey or Peru instead. I think everyone has a place that has a particular, unexplainable pull on them. A place they can hear about, read about, or see pictures of and get this strange sense of homesickness, even if they’ve never been there. That’s Morocco for me, and I’d welcome any chance to go there.

    1. I noticed the rafflecopter said to leave my best packing tip and what country I’m from – which I didn’t have in my original comment. Since I can’t edit my comment I’ll just add it here.

      I’m from Canada.
      My best packing tip is don’t wear bad, worn out shoes. I’ve learned this the hard way. Bad shoes = a trip of pain.

  8. This trip will certainly help me over my “I have a passport with no stamps and it’s really bumming me out” syndrome. Regardless – what a fantastic giveaway!! Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

    Best packing tip: Rolling clothes & a strict shoe policy. I’ve only checked a bag once (maybe twice) in my entire life!!
    Country: USA (Washington DC)

  9. Wow, 15 days in one of my favorite countries? Yes, please! I mean, it’s only fitting given that my blog got its title from my first visit to Morocco!

    United States. And my current packing tip is: Have a sister whose same size you wear, take an international trip and only take one suitcase for 16 days because you get at least two wears out of every outfit! It’s been quite handy =)

    1. That is SUCH a good tip! One of the best reasons to travel with a sister! Speaking of… if you win, we might have to pack Kari & RaeRae in our bags. Luna/Orth sister reunion!

  10. Morocco sounds amazing! Well all the destinations sounded amazing.

    My packing tip is to lay everything you think you want to bring and then get rid of half of it! (I’m from the United States.)

  11. I live in the US! Yay for this giveaway!

    My best packing tip is to have a small backpack. The less room you have to pack, the smarter you get about packing!

  12. Lisa Rozwadowski

    Wow, Morocco!

    I’m from the United States. My packing tip: Less is better, your back will thank you later 🙂

  13. This is awesome 🙂 I went to Northern Morocco during a 3-month stint in Spain, but lack of funds kept us from venturing farther south. I still believe that Chefchaouen is one of the most gorgeous places on earth (but that hasn’t kept me from dreaming of a camel trek in the desert)!

    My travel tip (for backpackers) would be to fold a bed sheet in half and sew it halfway shut. Roll it up in your pack and voila! It comes in handy for spending nights in airports or bypassing a room on ferries. Also…need I say bedbugs in hostels? Though it’s rare, I’ve been happy to whip it out at questionable locales.

    Hope to travel with you guys in the near future 😉

  14. I am from the U.S. but have lived over seas!! & i have to agree with Angie…turkey is deff one of the worlds best kept secrets, however im veryy glad that morocco won the vote. I have always wanted to go there!

    I lived in turkey for 4 months out of one carry on & one checked bag…& my profession is ALL about clothes & fashion! Most girls living there for a month has at least 3 bags…the key is to pack key pieces that you can mix & match!! Dresses are great…theyre a full outfit & take up less space. Bring neutal colored accessories and shoes that go with everythingg!! It will make life must easier when strolling through the airport 🙂 good luck everyone!!

  15. My favorite packing tips: Carry on when possible, wear basic colors to mix, match and minimize amount of pieces to take, one pair of flip flops, a pair of sneakers and a nice comfy flat shoe, a sweater, sunglasses. Check the weather the morning of your departure (use at least two different websites) and change what you’ve packed, if necessary. Take pics of the front and back of your credit cards, alternate IDs, passport and store them in DropBox or other online storage as well as your phone in case you lose them, store at least half your money separately from where you carry your cash. Enable the lock code on your phone in case it gets lost or stolen. And never forget the camera.

  16. My best packing advice?

    Think layers and multi purpose clothing items – and if you are going backpacking – never bring more than you would for two weeks no matter how long you will be away for 🙂

  17. Packing Tip for Morocco …. sounds a little silly, but bring a sink plug with you! If you travel light and need to wash anything in your sink during the trip, you will find very few hotels on this trip actually have plugs in their sinks so the water runs out …. We did ‘Best of Morocco’ this summer and that was one item we never considered !

  18. I’ve recently added an extra passenger on my trips… so packing for one wasn’t too bad but now we’ve got three of us and she doesn’t travel as light as the hubs! So packing tip, all you need are flat shoes, camera, a cell phone and your passport!

  19. I’m from Pittsburgh, PA and my best packing tip is to take what you are comfortable carrying, ignore everyone else’s advice, and leave plenty of room for souvenirs!

  20. My name is Shanna, and I am from the USA! A great packing tip is to buy clothes from the thrift store before your trip and re-donate them (or toss them) before you leave, so you have more room for souvenirs! Also, I always bring shoes, underwear and socks that are on their last legs, so I don’t feel bad tossing them before I leave.

  21. Angie, i can’t believe youve never traveled with just a carryon!! That would make a cool challenge and follow-up blog post 🙂 Anyway, im from the US and I recommend the Osprey Porter 46 or the eBags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible for maximum carryon space and versatility.

  22. Best packing tip is roll your clothes and put it inside a glad bag. Trust me it saves so much room and if your luggage goes through random inspection it keeps everything nice and neat. I’m from the U.S. and worked in Zambia so advice I was given also was to give away the clothes you don’t need when you come back because other people will need them and put them to good use.

  23. Hey Angie, sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet up before you leave for the islands. I’m off to Bahrain for work this weekend, but it sure would be nice to meet up with you on an awesome trip to Morocco! I’ve always wanted to go there!

  24. My best packing tip is to roll all of your clothes and pack less than you think you need. Use a carry-on whenever possible and don’t over think your outfits. Bon voyage en Moracco! Elizabeth, USA

  25. best packing tip is to take only what you really need and are going to use during your trip not what you want because it will end up being a lot of items .
    currently living in india

  26. For years Morocco has been near the top of my bucket list. Anyone who gets a chance to go there is lucky in my book. I know you and Kirsten will have a great time!

    Packing tip: the lesser the bulk, the better. I always roll my clothes and put smaller items in different sized Ziploc bags and squeeze the air out of them to flatten the load. Always works out.

  27. Would love to win a trip to Morocco! It seems to be popping up everywhere for me at the moment.

    My number one packing tip is lay out all the stuff you think you’ll need and then put half of it back in the closet.

    Have a great trip Angie!

  28. What a great giveway, whoever wins is fortunate but I hope it’s me.

    I’m from Vancouver, BC. My number one packing tip is to double check that you have travel insurance, it’s essential and hope you don’t need it but you never know when a medical emergency will happen.

  29. I leave my suitcase out in plain site for about 1-2 weeks before a long trip and slowly add items as I think of them – Great for the items you sometimes forget last minute!


  30. That looks like so much fun!Would love to join you on your trip!
    My packing tip is to always leave enough space in your suitcase for all the souveniers you want to bring back with you! I’m from Germany! =)

  31. ok, so this one I learned from another blogger on a travel trip, but… here it goes. When you are on a long trip and don’t have enough underwear and you wash out a few in the sink, most people wring them out and hang them up to dry, thinking they will be dry by the next day…well, they won’t. So here’s the deal. Wrap them up in a towel and wring the #$%#%# Bejesus out of them, get all the water that you can, then hand them up, you will have a better chance of them being dry the next morning!

  32. Hi!
    I live in Australia, which means it’s a looong flight to go anywhere! So I’d like to share my tips for feeling your best on long haul flights. They should help you be ready to go when you arrive at your vacation destination!
    1. Put as much as you can in your checked bag – you don’t want to end up squishing a big carryon bag in your precious legroom!
    2. Don’t think about dressing for anything but comfort! If you must look fashionable in the airport, fine – but make sure you bring a light change of clothes for the plane – I like loose elastic waist pants & a light top which is comfortable enough to sleep in. I prefer long sleeves so I don’t get cold from the air conditioning. And socks – these are important!
    3. Water, water, water. Do not let them tempt you with soft drinks (caffeine, sugar = not great sleep) or alcohol (dehydration!). Keep on the H20 – this helps you avoid dehydration which is common on long flights, and makes it more likely you’ll be able to get some sleep on the flight – a must if you want to feel ready to go adventuring when you arrive!
    4. Make sure you’ve packed some fresh wipes, deodorant, your toothbrush & toothpaste in your carryon. Nuff said.
    5. If you have a little extra $$ – invest in one of those funny looking blow up neck cushions, which makes sleeping sitting up in economy more possible, and more bearable!
    6. As soon as you board the plane, get your hands on a blanket, bottle of water and pillow (if you didn’t bring your own neck cushion). As soon as you can, slip into your comfy flight clothes & socks, tuck yourself under your blanket and shut your eyes. Hopefully, you’ll be able to sleep, but if not, even resting will see you land in better shape than if you’d been hitting the booze.
    7. When your flight is an hour or so from arriving, time to freshen up! Now’s when your toiletries come in handy – freshen up with your wipes and deodorant, brush your teeth, and change back into your airport clothes. You’re ready to hit the tarmac and start your adventure! Have fun! 🙂

  33. Hi there, I am Cally from Canada! My best packing tip is to remember in many places it gets cold at night, despite the fact you may be packing for a tropical holiday, don’t forget the warm clothes too!

  34. My best packing tip is that I pack an old pair of pajamas or tshirt to sleep in. Then I toss it out at the end of the trip. Now I have room for a small souvenir I bought along the way!

  35. I am so excited about this contest. I am from the United States and have yet to travel overseas! All fingers crossed!
    My packing tip would be to create a packing list. Depending on the length of your trip, pack mostly solid colors, interchangeable pieces and a couple of things to accessorize with (2 scarves, one purse/bag). I am a fan of comfort yet style. A packing list and laying it all out ahead of time is key for me.

  36. Best packing tip…use space bags; I only travel with a carry on, it’s amazing how much you can fit in when you compact everythinng down!

      1. Jordan was amazing…most memorable, Petra and of course Wadi Rum, where we were caught in a rain/thunderstorm; there hasn’t been that much rain in the wadi in 15months!

  37. What a great giveaway! I visited Morocco once on a business trip, but apart from one souk visit I really didn’t get a chance to experience the country. This would be a great opportunity.

    I always use a few ziploc bags to seperate my tightly rolled up clothes so it’s compact and easy to find. Also, just bring 1 pair of flipflops and the shoes you’re wearing on the flight. You really don’t need more and if you do, you can always get them there 🙂

  38. I’m from USA, I was an expat for 10 years in Asia. My packing tip is…no matter the length of the trip, I only take 4 days worth of clothes. SHABOOM!

  39. If I wait until the last minute I never get too upset about what I forgot. If I drag out packing for days I’m irrationally irritated that I forget anything at all. For peace of mind: procrastinate!

  40. Packing tip: I pack my shoes with undies and bathing suit to save space.

    I’m from New York! Best of luck to me and thanks Angie for this awesome giveaway!

  41. I did a backpacking trip through Alaska once… it was crazy fun. I do still have a terrible scar on my knee as a reminder! My tip is, always use a pocket knife away from yourself, not towards!

  42. My best packing tip is to roll your clothes instead of folding them, saves a ton of space! Then also pack about a week before going and leave your suitcase standing upright… then every few days, gravity will have given you more space. BOOM!


  43. I decided about a year ago that Morocco would be my next big travel destination. This is awesome! My packing tip is to roll all clothes and bring lots of plastic baggies. They take up so little space but have often been useful while away.

    Annie – from Cleveland, OH USA

  44. My packing tip would be to use something that compartmentalizes your backpack. I used those things that suck all the air out, but rarely did I actually suck the air out (so anything similar would work). It was just for the ease of knowing all my undies were in one place, tanks in another, etc. Made life easier when I slept in and hadn’t packed.

    And I’m from Canada.

  45. I’d love to go to morocco! I went to the “morocco” at disneyworld and really liked all the unique decorations they use — but I’m sure the real morocco will be even more amazing!

  46. Oh I’d love to win! Crossing my fingers. Much need of a vacation after losing 2 jobs, my boyfriend losing his job and thus not being able to move abroad.

    I see everyone sharing packing tips, mine is: pack courage- be adventurous and follow your heart on the road. Explore new places, eat strange food, encounter local experiences- and you’ll have a trip you’ll never forget.

  47. the roll method is the best packing tip ever, from Alberta Canada. coming from a cold climate, you need to know how to make more clothes in to a small suitcase and the roll method does exactly that.

  48. Wow I have never set foot in Africa but would love to go one day. Hopefully I’ll get to visit Morocco and capture pieces of its culture some time soon!

  49. I’m from the U.S., and my number one packing tip is to buy quality luggage! There’s nothing worse than having a zipper break in a country where you don’t speak the language.

  50. Best packing tip “Less is more” don’t waste expensive luggage space on tons of T-shirts and other clothes, buy cheaply at destination 🙂
    I’m Danish but lives in UK

  51. Oh my gosh, this trip sounds amazing! I’ve been stalking this blog for International travel tips (going to Barcelona in November!).

    I’m from the United States. My best packing tip isn’t exactly revolutionary, but planning your outfits ahead of time is SO helpful. Take into account the weather and cultural differences, try everything on, and if you can, pack one “extra” outfit just in case.

  52. Such an exciting trip, can’t wait to enter! I am from the U.S., but living in China for the next year.

    My best packing tip is to always pack an extra pair of underwear and maybe an extra pair of yoga pants or jeans in your carry on in case your luggage gets misplaced or delayed. I’ve had this happen a few times and it’s nice not to be trapped in the same clothes for three days!

  53. I have a unpacking tip. When travelling leave you inhibitions at home, travelling is about getting out of your comfort zone and discovering new things about the world and yourself. I am from the beautiful republic of South Africa.

  54. I’m from the U.S., and my best packing tip is to remember that my suitcase will be standing up after it’s packed, so I pack bottom to top, with heaviest items near the wheels, lighter items near the top.

  55. This trip to Morocco sounds absolutely amazing!

    Im from the United Stated and my packing tip is packing complete outfits in ziplock freezer bags. You have everything you need on hand, especially if you are going to be in and out of several locations/hotels. No need to dig through your entire suitcase when everything you need for the day is in one spot. (Obviously not as easy to do if the weather requires jackets/heavy items)

  56. Morocco has been on the top of my list for aaages!

    My best packing tip is pack clothes that you normally wear (of course that are easy to wash/care for). Travel gear makes you look like a tourist and isn’t as much fun to get dressed in over and over and over again.

    I’m from the U.S. (California).

  57. My best traveling tip is a compact expandable rolling suitcase that fits 4 days of clothes, toiletries, and my laptop. It fits perfectly under the airline seat in front of me. Casablanca?? A classic embedded in my heart. Would love to go there!

  58. My best packing tip is those mesh cubes! I lived out of a backpack in New Zealand for 6 weeks and they were the best!! I’m from Austin!

  59. What a brilliant opportunity! Morocco is one place I have always wanted to visit. I lived in Spain for a duration of 10 months and never made my way there- still kicking myself.

    I am from the United States- Minnesota to be exact! When traveling internationally, especially as a girl, you have to be mindful of weigh restrictions for luggage or else you may face huge fines.

    I always pack my heaviest items- jeans everytime- into my carryon as to free up some weight and space in my bigger luggage!

  60. Packing tip: Don’t forget a good camera to capture the beauty of wherever it is you’re visiting! I love looking through my old travel photos. They instantly take me back. I’m from the U.S.

  61. Rolling your clothes is always the key. And the ultimate tip to packing is not packing too much! No one needs unnecessary weight when trekking around the world 🙂

  62. Victoria Davies

    Pack light, buy when your on your travels and leave behind for those in need when you leave. Take washing powder and wash wash wash!!

  63. I am an avid traveller from Canada! An important tip is to keep a copy of all necessary travel documents with someone back home. I am not sure if this available to all countries but I think It is also a great idea to register with the embassy online so they can send you updates on all travel advisories to the countries you are visiting!

  64. Best tip: Always bring a headlamp wherever you go. I’ve traveled to Asia, Africa, Europe, heck even in the U.S. and it comes in handy in caves, blackouts and dark streets and other adventures.

  65. Have a great time!

    My packing tip would be just bring stuff that you know you’ll be needing, not the stuff you think you’ll need. ROll your clothes to save space and pack light and focus on having fun. 🙂

  66. Wow! What a great giveaway!.

    I always travel light. I tend to get overwhelmed when I have to lug around two or three travel bags. So, for a backpacking adventure, one backpack is enough to carry all the essentials — passport, camera, mobile phone, wallet, clothes. When packing clothes, it is best to roll them to save/maximize space. Bring plastic zippered bags/ziploc for toiletries (you can also stuff your used clothes into these bags). And lastly, bring a positive attitude and a sense of humor, your adventure would be more fun and memorable!

  67. Morocco!

    My best packing tip is to bring a lot of extra bags. Reusable bags, plastic bags, baggies, etc. Helps keep things organized and reorganized. Oh, and a stuff-sack for dirty laundry.

  68. ooOH LOVE THIS!

    I’m from the States.. California! My bf and I have been traveling the last year and my best tips is to invest in packing cubes. They’ve been such a life saver especially for an OCD organizer like me. Lol.

  69. P.S. I’m from the USA, and my best packing tip is to take that little cloth sack that comes with TOMS shoes and use it as a mini-overnight bag. It’s the perfect size for the basic essentials, and I can shove it in my purse or carry-one while my big bag is stowed away under the bus or in the belly of the plane.

  70. my packing tip would be to pack basics and dress them up as needed with colorful belts. also, i never travel without my s-twelve wrap. it’s simple black and perfect for long flights when you want to curl up in a blanket but, still have your arms free. basically it’s a glamorized snuggie that packs easily and can be used as a wrap, blanket or coverup. i always get compliments on it because it’s classic and yet comfortable without being sloppy.

  71. Kate from Toronto, Canada here!

    I think the best way pack is to pack clothes that can work across many activities. I have black stylish, quick dry tops that can be used for daytime, fitness and evening wear and are super quick dry if hand washing is required.

    I roll and put clothes into zip stuff sacks, so if you need to access something quickly it’s in one compartment and you don’t have to disrupt other items.

    What’a need and a want? Do you need the 10 colours of eyeshadow? Fancy dress? Pack multiple times to determine what fits and what doesn’t.

    I also pack clothes that I can potentially afford to leave behind if need be – donate to the local shelter so that i can make room for items that I have purchased.

    Avoiding cotton. Wool for warmth and wicking. Label all medicines, so that border/customs doesn’t question anything.

  72. I am currently living in Los Angles, originally from Boston and when traveling I always stick to using carry-on luggage so I can shop like a local! I love to bring back more than I originally take with me 🙂

  73. Hello! Im from Mexico, and the my packing tip is, lots of plastic bags and some ziploc bags. I use them for everything, I love to travel and be able to find everything quickly in my luggage. A trip to Morocco would be awsome!

  74. Hello there…I see I’m at the tail end of the contest. Here goes my shot at winning : ) I’m from the US but temporarily living in Spain, awaiting my next adventure. My best travel accessory is a small bottle of olive oil. It’s my version of Windex from ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ – lip balm, lotion, toe blister fixer, runny nose chafing cure, etc.

  75. Looks like a great trip!

    I would highly recommend bringing as little as possible, and rolling all of your clothes. You fit in more!

    I’m from the USA!

    1. Best packing trip;
      roll your clothes and keep your chocolate stash in ziploc bags. Can serve duybly duty on the way back home.

  76. I ran into an Intrepid Travel group while in Turkey. Looked like they were having a good time 🙂 I would love to go to Morocco! The land looks amazing and its one of my dream food trips!

    1. And for my contest entry, definitely pack lots of tissues and a mini first aid kit. I’m already looking for flights from Boston, USA to Casablanca 😉

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