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Great news! There’s a place for you in Ios, whether you’re a party animal or a spa lover like me.

Ios Greece Hotels – Check out the three places I stayed!

Hostel in Ios, Greece – Francesco’s

While I’m not the biggest fan of hostels, I did go to Ios expressly to celebrate Matt’s birthday and since he was staying there, I figured it would make sense for me to do so as well. I reserved a private room; it was clean and comfortable enough as hostels go. Quiet was another matter, though I don’t think one can reasonably expect to find peace at a hostel on the Isle of Crazy Drunken Teenagers.

Enjoying sunset at Francesco’s

Francesco’s pool

Prices at Francesco’s are reasonable, even for a single room. I think I paid 35 euros/night. Hostel guests and staff gather around 11 p.m. on the terrace to socialize before going out, dancing to Europe’s most housey house music and getting bashed in the head by sledgehammers. (That’s a real thing – click here.)

Budget Hotel in Ios, Greece – Armadoros

After four nights in party land, I moved down the hill from Chora to the port, where I came to Armadoros Hotel. It’s a large property, only 200 meters from the ferry dock, with a huge swimming pool and almost 70 rooms. Eerily, I think I was the only person staying there at the time. I’d moved from raucousness to silence and I could hear every creaking door in the whole building.

Ios Greece hotels


Photo courtesy of Armadoros

I think Armadoros may be a party hotel, too, but since no one was there, I can’t be sure. If nothing else, it was simple, clean and budget friendly (rooms start at 35 euros), and its proximity to the port makes it nice and easy to catch the bus to Chora or Far Out Beach Club, or the ferry to islands beyond.

Luxury Hotel in Ios, Greece – Liostasi

Ultimately, I ended up right where I belonged – in the lap of luxury at Liostasi Hotel & Spa, halfway between the port and the main town of Chora. Liostasi is the place to stay if you want to experience Ios without all the crazy partying. Well, you could party all night, returning at sunrise to your cozy bed – but it would be such a waste to sleep the whole day when you could be sipping a cold drinky by the pool or getting a hot stone massage on your veranda. Priorities, people!

Ios has 75 km of beaches, some considered to be among the best in Europe. I definitely recommend popping over from Santorini for a few days to check out Liostasi, a secluded beach or two and a 4-wheeler ride to Homer’s Tomb.

Liostasi is one of those smartly decorated design hotels I’ve become obsessed with in the past year. It’s the sort of place that makes you want to renovate your own home (or just have your own home, for goodness sake) and fill it with beach-inspired treasures.

Ios Greece hotels
Complimentary breakfast is served here every morning

My room was simple with a huge cushy bed, big glass shower with about 74 shower heads & faucets, and a spacious veranda for moon-watching (there was an eclipse during my stay!) I didn’t get to check out the spa, though I certainly could’ve used a massage after my nights spent in town. You can find out more about it here.

Ios Greece hotels


My room at Liostasi

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  1. Ah, Gorgeous! Did I already mention that I wish I was on this trip with you?! Cause, yeah!

    HOLD THE PHONE>…. you are from Jacksonville… me too. I went to FSU, but my brother went to UF. OMG- I think we should be bffs!

  2. Looks amazing and a far cry from the Purple Pig and Far Out Camping where my young party girl self stayed.
    Love the pool photo and to see a different side of Ios than just the party side

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