Packing | 8 Things I’m Glad I Brought Around The World

My Blankie

Almost without interruption since I was a baby, I have slept with my Great Gram-crafted blankie. I am onto my second official blankie now, having been robbed of my shabby pink original on a trip to San Francisco when I was 19. (I don’t want to talk about it. Still too painful.) After that, I commandeered my brother’s abandoned blue blanket and have been toting it on my adventures ever since. I don’t know how people get by without a blankie of their own while traveling. I use mine for all manner of things – pillow, makeshift curtain, pashmina, evening gown; not to mention it beats paying $7 or more for a meaningless, unfamiliar, possibly unsanitary airplane blanket.

Multipurpose blankie: great for sleeping in ferry terminals


I’m wired. On my current journey, I have a laptop, Canon G12, Kindle, shockproof/waterproof camera, iPhone, iPod, underwater headphones, two external hard drives and all accompanying cords and chargers and accessories. Unfortunately I think I’m more addicted to my gadgets than I was before I left – they’re my only lifeline to normalcy back home.

PS – Now that you know the pricier contents of my bag, please don’t rob me.

My Love, Beverly Hills XX Necklace

I may be biased since I had a hand in creating this necklace, but what can I say? It’s my favorite travel accessory and I never leave home without it.

Wrinkle Cream, Moisturizer & SPF 30

Just because I’m jaunting about on a carefree worldwide adventure doesn’t mean I can afford to neglect my skin. I do not have any intention of ever looking any older than I look right now, so facial care products are a must, no matter how much room they take up in my bag and how silly they must look to the 19-year-old European backpackers I share hostel dorms with.

My Jacket

Such a good purchase! My Ann Taylor jacket is the only bit of outerwear I have with me on this leg of the journey, and it’s just light enough to be functional in warm weather while still keeping me warm in England’s chilly summer.


I chucked my scissors in my bag at the last minute and have used them at least weekly along the way. Definitely bring!

My Journal

Since I’m always blogging or freelancing or keeping up with friends via email, I am usually too tired to write in my journal, but I’m so glad I have it. When I do have occasion to write, it’s usually the trials, tribulations and complaints that I don’t feel I can tell anyone else. Never fear, readers. If I do get to write that book about my adventure, all will be revealed in due time!

Business Cards

I printed 1,000 business cards before I left and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that I did. It saved me writing my email address & blog down 1,000 times!

Up next… What I Should Have Left Behind

14 thoughts on “Packing | 8 Things I’m Glad I Brought Around The World”

  1. I always love “counting blessings”! Is there a story behind the creation of the XX necklace? Inquiring minds, yanno… 🙂

    1. Yes! I did a project last year for one of my clients, Beverly Hills. We worked with a 90210-based jewelry designer to create the XX necklace and it’s been my favorite thing to wear ever since =)

  2. oh that damn blankie…bahahaha

    agree! that ann taylor jacket was an excellent purchase. good thing i made you go shopping with me. 🙂

    p.s. while i also love my xx necklace, you do need some gold jewelry. just sayin’


    1. I don’t think I got another one after the incident… but I can’t remember. At any rate the material she used for the original blankies was different than the newer ones, so I had to steal Alex’s =)

  3. Okay, I bring a blanket with me too and I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one! My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy for the space it takes up but when we are on an over air conditioned flight or bus, guess who is the one trying to snuggle?

    Basically, blankets rule.

  4. A blankie… maybe that’s what I’ve been missing?!? Seriously though, every time I leave on a trip I wish I had thought to remember a journal. As much as I like gadgets, too, it’s sometimes easier to just write it down on paper.

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