Queensland’s Coast

Queensland, Australia, claims to have some of the best coastline in the world, so as a self-professed beach expert, I had to see for myself. Here’s what I found out – the beaches are long and sandy, and you can either find crowds or more sparsely populated stretches. You will never be far from fun if you vacation on the coast, as QLD has every conceivable entertainment option at your fingertips.

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

After road-tripping with Chris from Brisbane south to the Gold Coast and then north to the Sunshine Coast, I couldn’t help but compare Queensland to my own home state of Florida. Both share the distinction of “Sunshine State.” Both have ample stretches of beaches with surfable waves, though I admit, Australia’s swell is more consistent. Both are vacation hotspots with theme parks, chain restaurants and high rise condos dotting the skyline. I felt like I was cruising around South Florida, complete with stifling tropical weather.

View of the Gold Coast from the south

Along the coast, there are literally hundreds of miles of beaches to choose from, so I recommend picking the longest and most unpronounceable name and sitting on the beach there until you can figure out how to say it. Coolangatta is a good place to start, but Maroochydore will do as well.

Noosa Heads Lifesaving Club

Further north, you’ll find the Noosa Heads’ area and the home of the annual Noosa Festival of Surfing. Noosa is much more low-key than the heart of say, the Gold Coast, and it has the cozy familiar feeling I definitely prefer in a beach town. You can also spot koalas here, though they are said to be in decline.

TIP: When you visit the Queensland beaches, consider renting a camper van and road tripping along the coast. There are many beaches to sunbathe on, many waves to catch and many surfer boys to meet, and you’ll miss it if you stick too long in one place.

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