The Great Ocean Road… It’s Grrreat!

Some days you just wake up and feel like taking an eight hour drive, you know? That’s exactly what Brad & I did one random day during my trip to Melbourne. Given my penchant for feeling like absolute crap while driving on windy roads, I was a little nervous… but the Great Ocean Road was surprisingly kind.

Just in case you hadn’t figured it out

Constructed from 1919 to 1932 to honor World War I veterans, The Great Ocean Road winds through rainforest, beach, cliffs and rugged terrain for 151 miles.

We set out in the early afternoon and didn’t get back to Melbourne until around 10 p.m., though to be honest we didn’t begin to cover the entire stretch and regrettably, we didn’t make it all the way to the 12 Apostles or the London Arch. Next time I’m in Melbourne, I’ll take the GoWest tour so I can be sure to see all the highlights.

It was a slightly overcast day, so the hills and cliffs were hugged with mist and haze. It was all very dramatic. We had fish & chips on the beach at sunset, then turned around for the long drive back to Melbourne.

Despite missing some of the highlights of the Great Ocean Road, I loved every minute of our eight leisurely hours in Brad’s Calais… and I didn’t even get carsick!

Readers – did I miss out by not going all the way to the 12 Apostles?

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