How To Celebrate Australia Day

Hallelujah – it’s finally Australia Day! I’ve been waiting impatiently to celebrate this glorious occasion with you darling readers. By now I’m sure you have your Australia Day plans in place… what, no plans yet? There’s no time to lose.

Step 1: Google Australia Bar + YOUR CITY

Step 2: Go there

Step 3: Drink Foster’s

I haven’t forgotten about you folks who might be averse to beer n’ bars on a Monday night. Voila Plan B:

Step 1: Go to Outback Steakhouse

Step 2: Order the most authentic sounding item… Toowoomba Pasta is a good start, and my personal fave

Step 3: Play rugby in the living room when you get home

If you can’t make it out at all tomorrow but still want to celebrate in your own special way, here are a few suggestions:

1. Play the didgeridoo

2. Check out and watch some of the entry videos

3. Send an e-card to your favourite Australian

4. Speak in an Aussie accent all day long

5. Wear red, white and blue + stars

6. Burn eucalyptus leaf incense

7. Cozy up with a DVD featuring a favourite Aussie… some suggestions: Moulin Rouge, Braveheart or The Gladiator.

Leave your suggestions in the comments section below, and have a fab Australia Day!

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