Bolivia 2005, continued

Continued 2005 Bolivia stories…

The Home Stay
David and his family graciously shared their home with us for one night during the trip. There windows were covered in sheets, not glass, the bathroom was outside and the entire family slept in their single bedroom. My roommate Melanie and I shared a rock-hard bed in the kitchen. For dinner, we had soup and used dishes borrowed from the church. David and his wife fretted constantly over if us, and we thanked them constantly for their hospitality and delicious soup.

Red Viva
Through the RedViva organization, our group was able to visit orphanages our second day in Santa Cruz. In return for allowing us that privilege, we painted the RedViva office, which was in sad shape. Their office is the central meeting place for all the orphanages and care organizations in the city, and it badly needed a makeover. Pictured here, I’m painting Proverbs 22:6 on the wall of the RedViva store, where the handmade crafts of orphans are sold to benefit the homes. For info, visit

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