2015 Angie Away World Traveler Holiday Gift Guide

Hello from Florida, where I’m fighting the urge to turn on the air conditioner as I get in the gift guide spirit. It’s December & I’m wearing shorts and flip flops, y’all. Even for Florida, this is crazy.

Though there’s not a frosty snowman to be found, that’s no matter. I’ve got my elf hat on and am ready to share my 4th Annual What Travelers Want Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway! (2012. 2013. 2014.)

Take a look at my little gift guide cave of wonders, print it for Santa or Pin it to your wishlist. Then enter to win some of these goodies (the ones with *) below in the super-easy Rafflecopter widget.

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers Travel Guide


1. Cobra JumPack. This is probably the best gift I received last year! Not only is the JumPack a portable charger that holds up to four iPhone charges at a time, it’s also got a mega-powerful flashlight with a strobe and emergency SOS settings. And guys, it can jump start a car with included mini-jumper cables. I’ve never had to use that feature, but isn’t it comforting to have the option if it’s needed?

2. GoPro HERO4. Friends don’t let friends travel without a GoPro. What was I thinking going around the world without one? Now that I have a great setup, I want to go back to every place I visited and start over with new footage & photos. FYI, I’m still using the GoPro HERO4 as I wasn’t wild about the new model. I love it for underwater video & cinematic wide-angle shots, plus it’s so tiny, it’s absolutely no trouble to pack no matter how light I’m traveling.

3. Canon S100. This is actually on my personal list this year. I love the GoPro for a million reasons, but it’s not awesome for detailed scuba shots and I really missed taking those types of photos on my dive trip to Bonaire this year. Of course you also need the underwater housing. Santa… I kinda need this.

4. Amazon Kindle. Also on my personal list! I’ve got a pretty old Kindle and while it works fine, I want one of the new ones with bells & whistles. Between planning a wedding and dealing with the fallout afterward, I’ve been absolutely delinquent about reading this year. In 2016 I’m back on track and coming for all those books I’ve been neglecting!

5. SanDisk Ultra 128GB Memory Card. Travelers can never have too many memory cards and they’re tiny so they make great stocking stuffers.


6. Baggallini Rolling Tote.* I’ve just started traveling on short trips with this Baggallini Classic Rolling Tote and it’s amazing just how much it holds! Definitely a smart choice for the traveler who has everything.

7. Packing Cubes.* Talk about life changing! I don’t go anywhere without packing cubes these days, and I don’t know how I managed to travel without them way back when. They keep everything sorted, like a mini-closet organizer that lives in your suitcase. Every traveler needs these.

8. InCase GoPro Backpack. If you’re splashing out for a new GoPro set up, consider an awesome, lightweight, waterproof InCase pack to carry it around. I love having all my GoPro accessories and doodads in one place.


9. Rocky Mountaineer. You want to surprise someone with the trip of a lifetime? Check out the Rocky Mountaineer schedule for next year. After traveling on a press experience in 2015, I’m taking my mom in 2016. It was that good! Merry Christmas, Ma! You can also bring the Rocky Mountaineer experience home with the Eat, Play, Love cookbook with recipes from the journey.

10. Travelocity Roaming Gnome.* Elves, gnomes… they’re all welcome here! I just visited the Travelocity headquarters in Dallas and I have to tell you, that Roaming Gnome is a real charmer. Get him in a variety of sizes – he’s a great travel companion & a fun addition to photos on the road.

11. Annual Pass to Universal Orlando Resort. It’s no secret I spend several days a month at Universal Orlando, partially because of work projects, but also because I just think it’s the best theme park in the world. And I love Harry Potter! If you’re a Florida Resident and you don’t have an annual pass, that’s nuts – go get one! (And buy one for your friends, too!)


12. Traveller Collective.* I love any gift that has the potential to bless more than just the recipient. Check out this sweet handmade gift from Traveller Collective. You purchase a leather clip ($16.50) and a spacer for each country you’ve visited ($2 each). It’s a unique reminder of all the places you’ve visited, but even better, every product sold benefits charity: water to benefit communities without access to clean water. I love their message that travel is a privilege, but clean water shouldn’t be.

13. ExOfficio BugsAway Hoodies. ExOfficio is one of my favorite travel brands, and Rick & I wear a ton of their stuff. Everything is comfortable, multi-functional and durable – all key components in my wardrobe choices these days. Check out the BugsAway products for built-in insect repellant. We also love the Give-and-Go Sport Mesh underpants. You can’t find better travel underwear.


14. Trestique Makeup.* I just started using Trestique in the past few months and I tell you what – it has everything the Millennial traveler needs. Each item, from bronzer to eye shadow to blush, comes in a magnetic pencil, so it’s portable, convenient and doesn’t require a bunch of brushes that weigh down a travel makeup kit.

15. Just the Ticket: Ticket Stub Organizer.* I save every ticket stub, boarding pass and travel memento, so you can imagine my apartment is just about overflowing with little bits of paper without a home. That’s why I love this book – a special safe place for all those little travel reminders you can’t bear to throw out, but don’t necessarily have a place to store.

16. Carry-On Cocktail Kit. Here’s a super thoughtful stocking stuffer for the traveler who likes to get a little tipsy in flight. Flavors include Champagne Cocktail, Gin & Tonic, Old Fashioned & Moscow Mule.

17. 50 Essential Items for Female Travelers.* If you follow women who travel & write about it, you’ll find lots of familiar faces in this pocket-sized guide – including mine! Filled with 50 handy suggestions, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the idealistic future traveler who’s just starting to dream about her adventure. 

Neither snow nor sleet nor unseasonably warm temperatures will prevent Angie the Blog Elf from delivering 6 goodies from this holiday cache to a few lucky travelers.  It’s super easy to enter via widget below – good luck!

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**Occasionally brands will get in touch with me to do reviews of their products. Some of the ones I liked most from 2015 appear here in the gift guide with my honest opinion; others get returned to sender if they’re not up to snuff. And other items, like the GoPro, Kindle and others are personal favorites I can’t live without. Rest assured, I only include goodies I personally approve of, use and want! Some of the links may be affiliate links, which means that I receive a small fee for the referral if you make a purchase. It doesn’t change the price you pay though, it just helps me do a little more traveling every year. Thank you for your support!

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