A Begrudging Goodbye to Greece

After 42 days in Greece, I still wasn’t ready to leave… but my bank account was begging for a break and it was time to meet Amber in Turkey. From pickpocketing adventures with Susan in Athens to all-night dancing with Anita, Courtney, Lauren & The Brits in Mykonos, to near death experiences with donkeys in Santorini and the raucous island of Ios – I had the time of my life. And when you take into account how absolutely delicious the food was… well, Greece may have overtaken Bali as my favorite stop of the year.

Efxaristo, Greece! I will be back!

Next stop… ISTANBUL!

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6 thoughts on “A Begrudging Goodbye to Greece”

  1. Really nice video , thank you for all your good words , especially now that Greece kinda needs some support 🙂

    Be back soon !

    Basy from Greece .

  2. Love your planking picture. Also, lots of good memories in there! And some creepy ones. Can’t believe you hugged that little boy – “you BUtiful!” – and that he didn’t take something from you.

  3. wow! I JUST read about u in the paper.. its really awsome that u get to do this. i wish i could but i gotta save some money first

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