Where To Stay | Mykonos, Greece | Part 2

Though I didn’t plan it this way, I ended up staying in Mykonos for almost three full weeks. Here are three more reasons why:

Petasos Beach Hotel & Spa

After Susan went back to NYC and my new British friends returned to London, I had a one day rest before college pal Anita arrived with partner-in-crime Courtney. We based ourselves at Petasos Beach Hotel at Platis Yialos and spent our days lounging on the beach, dining in town and dancing the night away at Skandinavian Bar.

The view from Petasos Platis Yialis Beach 

The hotel sits on a peninsula so no matter where your room is, you’ll have a view of either the bay or the open sea. I set up a little office space on my balcony (free WiFi!) and watched the yachts come and go every afternoon while catching up on writing. So, yes, taking a career break to see the world and be a travel writer was the best idea I ever had.

I traded in my cubicle for this. #winning

There are a handful of restaurants on property, which is good because there aren’t a ton of dining spots down at Platis Yialis. Inexpensive options are limited here (I looked high and low and couldn’t find a gyro place), so keep that in mind when budgeting to stay in the area. Though I paid dearly for the location, I did have my fill of pork, tzatziki and Greek salad at a few of the beach restaurants and it was so so so good. Expect to pay 10-15 Euros for lunch without wine. As with all the hotels I visited in Greece, breakfast was complimentary.

The view from the pool deck

Bus service is inexpensive to get into Mykonos Town from here, about 1.40 Euros, and the bus stop is right outside the hotel lobby. You couldn’t ask for better service, location, decor and a more spectacular view than you’ll find at Petasos. The front desk staff was particularly attentive. Enjoy!

For rates and booking information, click here.

Hotel Ilio Maris

After five nights at Petasos with Anita & Courtney, I had another day off before best friend and NYC cohort Lauren arrived. Our first stop? Ilio Maris Hotel, a small property just steps from the heart of Mykonos Town. Though it’s low on frills, the location is perfect for experiencing the famous night life, as it’s just a short walk up a hill back to the property.

Catching sun in between clouds at the Ilio Maris pool

While most of the other hotels I stayed in had similar decor – white walls & floors, crisp white linen – Ilio Maris was the only one who strayed off the traditional Cycladic path just a bit. With spacey lobby decor, pebbled floors and spartan furnishings, it was a clean, budget friendly place to crash without all the bells and whistles.

As for downsides, the hotel sits on a main street so it can be quite noisy and there is no free WiFi, which was a big deal for me. Luckily the proximity to town also means cafes with Internet access are just down the block. And to battle the noise from passing traffic? Just stay out until sunrise. Don’t bother sleeping!

For rates and information, click here.

Bill & Coo

Another day in Mykonos, another luxurious Cycladic hotel! Bill & Coo Luxury Boutique Hotel has just 24 suites on the hill above Megali Ammos Beach. This property exudes swank. Seriously, pack your floppy hat, huge sunglasses and maxi-dresses and prepare to lounge around like you run the world. (Some people here just might. It was really legit.)

Lauren enjoying our bright, clean, purple room

The hotel is elegant but very comfortable, and everything from the pillows to the table decor to the pool area make you feel like you’re the top dog (no matter what the case back home!). Lauren is a real girl’s girl, so she went a bit bonkers for our soft purple suite. You could hear her squeals of delight down the stairs in the award winning restaurant, I’m sure. I should note that since I was with my girliest girlfriend, the bathroom amenities, hair dryer and multiple shower heads were well above par, and welcome luxuries for both of us. We were totally spoiled.

The view of Mykonos Town from our purple room at Bill & Coo

It’s a brisk 20-30 minute walk from Mykonos Town, or you can take the hotel shuttle – but beware. Lauren and I were under the impression that like other hotels in the area, the shuttle was complimentary. We found out upon presentation of our final bill that it wasn’t. Oops.

Sparkly pool? I’ll take two.

After taking what felt like the official grand tour of the hotel swimming pools of Mykonos, Bill & Coo’s may just be my favorite. Sure, it has a beautiful view of the beach below and the windmills in the distance like many of the others, but what really sold me was the glistening sparkles that illuminate the pool at night. Lauren’s repeated squeals confirmed that the Bill & Coo pool really was the best.

Got style like this guy? Bill & Coo might just be the place for you.

For information and rates, click here.

*Stays were complimentary. Thanks to the hotels for hosting me!

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7 thoughts on “Where To Stay | Mykonos, Greece | Part 2”

  1. alright, so i’m a lil bit of a girly girl. “backpacking” with you was my favorite kind of “backpacking.”

    top 3 things i loved about bill & coo —

    1. the view. breathtaking. day and night.
    2. the sparkly infinity pool. i must have one of those for my own. it was magical.
    3. the purple puff puff stool in our room!


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