Time To Dry Off

Every single day of water fights and laughing fits in Laos made me feel like a carefree 5-year-old… which incidentally, is exactly what I came on the road for. Mission accomplished!

Due to international copyright law, I had to use Vimeo instead of YouTube for this video… but who cares. Inside you’ll find lots of never-before-seen pics & videos. (Do you see what I just did there? It’s like bonus DVD extras, but for a country!)

A million thanks to Stray Travel Asia for hooking me up with their Tom Yum pass. Definitely the best way to see N. Thailand & Laos!

Up next… Getting sick in Asia & why that is not fun

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4 thoughts on “Time To Dry Off”

  1. Brilliant video. Looks like you really got settled into the place. Noticed you are currently in Turkey. Looking forward to seeing your posts on that

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