Why Bali?

Ever since reading Eat, Pray, Love, I wanted to visit Bali so I could wear loose-fitting linen clothes, find inner peace and smooch a sexy, emotional Brazilian, just like Julia Roberts.

Wait, that’s not right. (Though, I wouldn’t have turned down the Brazilian…)

I added Bali to my itinerary for a few reasons.

1.     I was dying to do a yoga retreat and have some “me” time.

2.     I Bali spa treatments were super cheap, and I LOVE MASSAGES.

3.     It’s on the way to Thailand.

The only Hindu outlier in the mostly Muslim country, Bali is a relatively small island in the Indonesian archipelago. I flew five hours from Brisbane to Denpasar on a flight full of passengers who were infuriated that our plane didn’t have any in-flight entertainment. The row of crazies behind me demanded free booze, and abused the privilege until they were all rip-roaring wasted. When they started talking dirty and began getting frisky with one another (strangers, up until a few hours before!), I pulled out my earplugs and offered an extra pair to the sweet, horrified old lady next to me. Even our flight attendant remarked she had never had a noisier, more full-on flight.

All I could think was, “Yoga. Yoga. Yoga. Soon, I will be calm.”

Up next… Ubud

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