Brisbane’s Million Dollar Views

About 6 km west of Brisbane’s central business district you’ll find Mount Coot-tha, formerly known as One Tree Hill. One night, Chris & John drove me to the lookout point on the 287 meter hill where we found absolutely gorgeous nighttime views of the Brisbane metropolitan area.

How about that fish eye lense?

For eats with a view, check out Kuta Cafe & Summit Restaurant just adjacent to the lookout point. For hiking enthusiasts (i.e. not this gal), there are also tons of walking trails to explore in the daytime. (Given Australia’s predisposition to deadly poisonous creepy crawlies, I’m happy to only venture into the woods during the day when I can actually see what’s coming at me.)

Brissie in the moonlight

For a stunning daytime bird’s eye view, we checked out Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast’s Hinterland. At 62 km outside of Brisbane, it’s a bit more of a drive than Mt. Coot-tha, but the quaint wineries, galleries, antique shops and dreamlike views of the Gold Coast make it worth the trip.

Look, Mom! That’s not me! Aren’t you proud?

The area’s fertile volcanic soil is famous for its kiwi, avocados and macadamia nuts, all of which you can buy locally at a great price. For a more adventurous afternoon, Mt. Tamborine is also an ideal launching pad for gliders and mountain bikers.

The Gold Coast from Mt. Tamborine

Up next… Sunny & Goldie, Up Close!

2 thoughts on “Brisbane’s Million Dollar Views”

  1. Hey Angie–

    I just got back here and began to look back on your experiences. I paused and reflected on the diversity of life experiences. We’re all in the same world – yet our word’s are so separate from one another. To some degree, your life looks like a fantasy life as compared to what we might call the more mundane lives we are living at the moment..Yet, this is not true. They are both real lives…just different experiences.

    I am happy and comforted to know that amidst the diversity of life’s experiences – the good and the very bad there is something common in any and every experience…God Himself. Being everywhere at all times, he is the same everywhere He Is..He is completely attentive, always loving and always desiring our attention. He is desiring to take the ‘such a time as this at this place’ and make it supernaturally meaningful.

    Let’s let Him do that – even right now..acknowledging Him and listening for His voice and His direction and then respond to it…We are hear to display Him to others…that is a wonderful and wonder-filled life motivation.

    Have fun…make each moment count…be spiritually alert…Love- us Garvins

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