Aussie Critters: Part 1

Australia is chock full of critters you can’t find anywhere else in the world, and one of my goals for my trip was to see as many as I could during my five weeks down under.

Healesville Sanctuary was the first stop on my tour de Aussie Animals. One Sunday morning, Brad’s adorable mom packed a massive picnic and we drove about an hour outside of Melbourne to the sanctuary, where I caught my first glimpse of dingoes, koalas, kangaroos and tons of reptiles.

Brad’s little brother participating in the snake encounter

As we discovered, you can’t snuggle koalas in the state of Victoria, so the best I could do was to feed this sleepy little guy some eucalyptus.

The Australian Pelican

The carnivorous kookaburra is most recognized for its high-pitched cackle.

Did you know the koala is not a bear? It’s more closely related to the kangaroo, and it has a pouch for the little babies.

A gorgeous kangaroo eyed us en route to Philip Island.

Up next… Brisbane!

1 thought on “Aussie Critters: Part 1”

  1. I really loved the picture of the Kangaroo…. and the Koalas …and the Pelicans…
    I just love all the animals…..Not the snakes – however…..
    Aunti J.

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