Scheduling The Adventure

Now that everyone knows about my big adventure, I suppose it’s time to start planning it! I have flights booked for the first 6 weeks of the trip, but after that I am still in the thinking and wishing and researching phase.

Nov. 30 – Last day at Weber Shandwick

Dec. 2 – Fly to Jacksonville for a month of trip prep and holiday fun at Mom & Dad’s house

Dec. 27(ish) – Fly to LA

Dec. 31 – LA – Honolulu – Fiji

Jan. 11 – Fiji – Auckland

Feb. 1 – Christchurch – Melbourne

Feb. 15 – Melbourne – Brisbane

I have places to stay in LA, Melbourne & Brissie, but am still on the lookout for accommodations in New Zealand & Fiji. If you have any recommendations, please chime in! I’m planning to experience a mix of everything…hotels, hostels and couch surfing.

As for what happens after that… I’m working on it as we speak. Stay tuned for details and please please please feel free to share suggestions and recommendations in the comments section!

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  1. Hi! I was in the south island of NZ last year. Are you just going to stay in the Christchurch area, or will you have time to go around the south island more? We had a great time at Lake Tekapo (gorgeous! We stayed at The Godley Resort Hotel. Not really a resort — simple h/motel). We also went to Queenstown and the Milford Sound. Let me know if you want more info on those areas. Have so much fun!

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