Back in 2006 I was adventure-starved and miserable in my Atlanta PR agency job. So what else was a dreamer like me supposed to do? I plotted a move to New York City, of course. On Day 1 in NYC, I started my first ever blog, Big Apple Angie, where I recounted the wacky escapades of early twenty-something life in Hell’s Kitchen. I shared an apartment with three friends and we painted the town and lived the dream.

I landed the perfect job in the Travel + Lifestyle practice at Weber Shandwick, the world’s largest PR agency, and life was finally full of the adventure I had been craving. This ebook combines stories from my old blog, along with never-before-seen photos, and exclusive stories of the many escapades I experienced. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll laugh some more. Just don’t blame me if you then want to move to NYC yourself!

Coming Soon…

big-apple-ipad whats-inside

Tales from my first ever blog, Big Apple Angie

Highs and lows of moving from the South to NYC

Finding my way, and an awesome career, in the big city

Dating mishaps, celebrity run-ins and embarrassing dance classes

Plus exclusive stories not shared on the blog

But it won’t be long, I promise!

I’m hard at work putting the finishing touches on this collection of hilarious misadventures in the Big Apple. I can’t wait to share it with you! To be the first to know when it’s published, simply enter your details into the form below and you’ll be contacted when it’s ready.

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