A perfect week at Gatlinburg: Five ways to make your trip memorable in 2023

What rejuvenates your soul? What are we seeking from life? If we take time to ponder these questions, sadly, we’d fail to come up with an answer. That is because we have engrossed ourselves in office work and routine errands.   

It has rendered us incapable of even thinking about enjoying life’s simple pleasures, such as traveling. Letting go of the opportunities that enable us to experience the world outside our comfort zone eventually impacts our physical and mental health.  

One of the factors in maintaining good health is experiencing extraordinary adventures, which is what family trips or weekend gateways are about. Vacations offer you the chance to discover what life is all about and find the meaning of happiness. 

Besides adding more value to our memories, traveling also helps us reconnect with our inner selves. That happens by learning something new, meeting people of different cultural backgrounds, or visiting breathtaking sites. 

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Our life’s best memories are with our loved ones, and planning a family trip is the perfect way to make more of those. With that said, if you’re in the U.S., Gatlinburg is the place for you and your family to make memories. 

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is an ideal vacation destination because you can visit any time of the year to enjoy mouth-watering food, mesmerizing sights, and fun activities. So, instead of waiting, plan your next memorable trip.  

If you want to experience this fantastic resort city, the first thing you should book is accommodation for you and your family. 

Here’s a pro tip: type in Gatlinburg chalets on Google to get started. With that said, the following activities should encompass a perfect week in Gatlinburg. 

Take the Trolley ride

If you want to start your adventure with sightseeing, the Gatlinburg trolley ride should be on your list. The charming transit bus takes you on multiple colored routes throughout the city, with every route giving you something to feast your mind and eyes. 

For instance, the red route takes you down the River road to the liveliest downtown Gatlinburg. You’ll see all kinds of malls, museums, and restaurants on this route. If your interest lies in theatre and galleries, follow the yellow route. 

For lovers of natural beauty, take the tan route to enjoy a series of parks and campgrounds before stumbling upon the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.        

The trolley ride makes it easier to get around than taking your car because you won’t have to worry about finding parking spots, fares, and traffic. The ride is also reasonable, with fares varying between 50 cents and $2 depending on the time spent. 

You might not know this, but if you plan on visiting during the summers, you’d probably get a free trolley ride.  


Visit Cades Cove

Among the many things to do in Gatlinburg, visit the beautiful valley cades cove tucked in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. 

The picturesque view of the valley makes it a must-visit place. While making your way to the valley, you come across the stunning peaks and the rolling ridges of the Great Smoky Mountains giving you a jaw-dropping pause. 

Besides the view, Cade Cove is known for abundant wildlife, an attraction widely popular amongst wildlife photographers and watchers. Some wildlife sightings you stumble upon are the wandering black bears, a bobcat prowling about, or deers soaking up the morning sun. 

An opportunity to view the wildlife in its natural habitat is rare and truly a blessing that cade cove offers. If the city’s hustle and bustle seem dull, the hiking trails of Cades cove are the perfect antidote to your peace of mind.

The most popular hike you wouldn’t want to miss is the Abrams Falls Trail, located halfway close to the Cades Cove Loop Road. Though the trek is about five miles and is termed moderate in difficulty, the solitude you experience after reaching the waterfall is worth all the hard work. 

Check out Ripley’s Believe It or Not

One of the quirkiest things to do while on your trip to Gatlinburg is to visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not. The Cartoonist LeRoy Robert Ripley worked with Norbert Pearl Roth to create the famous museum, home to some eye-catching artifacts. 

You can also visit numerous attractions to catch a view of the Smoky Mountains or go to a gaming arcade. Still, nothing beats this museum with a variety of displays and fun activities the museum offers. Aside from exhibits, the museum has a haunted house unlike any other and an aquarium filled with fascinating animals, and a 5D moving movie theatre. Experience the mind-boggling mirror maze by attempting to find your way out of the labyrinth of mirrors and LED lights. Don’t panic if you get lost; search parties every half hour are sent. For an interactive and kid-friendly adventure, check out Ripley’s Guinness World. The place contains incredible displays, unbelievable exhibits, games, trivia, and themed galleries. Other than that, participate in the Interactive Challenge Gallery to test various skills or even have a go at breaking a world record.  


Hop on the Mountain Coaster

If you miss skiing, don’t be disappointed because you can still ride one of Gatlinburg’s famous attractions, the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster. With a speed of 25 mph, you sail down the 2,750 feet of winding track. Whether you want to enjoy a smooth ride or seek the adrenaline rush, it’s up to you to decide with a pull of a hand brake. Extending over one mile, enjoy 10 minutes of cruising and extraordinary views as you whip through the mountainside. Catch the sunset as well if you happen to ride the coaster in the evening. 

Take those Ghost Walks

If you want to remember your trip as something out of the ordinary, nothing is quite like the ghost walks of Gatlinburg, especially during the cold months. One of the long-standing settlements in Tennessee, Gatlinburg has a fair share of spooky history, from murder to disappearances. The Ghost Walk tour takes you to some of the city’s most dreaded locations, including the widely known 19th-century cemetery famous for scary nighttime sounds.As the local guide fills you in on the age-old folklore, take in the sights. Every visitor is also handed EMF readers to monitor the energy readings of the surrounding. The tour will surely leave you spooked in the end. 

Hurdles and stress are inevitable, but finding ways to detach yourself from them for your mental health isn’t. One of those ways is planning a solo trip or a family vacation. If you are clueless about your next holiday destination, consider going to Gatlinburg. Remember, besides physical exertion and the expenses, one thing traveling guarantees is the experience of soul-enriching adventures that positively impact your overall health. 

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