How To Save Money When Planning A Wedding 

If you’re dreaming of what your perfect wedding might be like, perhaps you’re already aware of how expensive it can be. But a dream wedding is achievable, and you don’t have to break the bank to make it memorable. If you need ideas on how you can arrange a wedding that fits your budget, read on.  

  • Get Married On A Weekday 

Mondays to Fridays may mean business, but these days of the week are  perfect for getting hitched. Scheduling your wedding on a Monday is possibly the most affordable as some venues  pile up on the cost as the weekend approaches. Friday is also an excellent day to get married since the wedding venue and the weekday rehearsal dinner can come at a bargain together.  

Remember, popular and high-end venues are expensive any time of the week. Another thing to note is the scheduling since it may fall on a legal holiday, or  your guests might not be able to make it. Booked accommodations and traffic may also cause conflicts.  

  • Arrange For Seasonal Flowers And Food 

The food and flowers are part of the wedding arrangement, and can  take up a large portion of your budget. While the flowers decorate the wedding venue and reception site, the food should be enough for the headcount.  

To make room for other expenses, you can choose seasonal and local specialties for the menu and the flowers. You can order floral wearables such as boutonnieres online and inquire which flowers are in season. Florists offer affordable rates for flowers that are abundant in supply. Also, locally-sourced florals are cheaper because they don’t require delivery from other locations. 

  • Choose A Setting That Naturally Looks Great 

Choosing a site for wedding photos, the ceremony, and the reception shouldn’t be daunting. While there are dedicated venues for weddings around, you can browse online or even ask family members, or your friends about local picturesque locations where you can hold the occasion.  

You may want to hold your wedding at a tourist spot to coordinate with wedding decoration trends. It can be a garden or an orchard, and even use natural elements for your bouquet and headpiece sourced from the exact location. If it’s not a typical wedding venue, you may be able to strike an affordable deal with the owner or the management of the place.  

  • Wait For Good Timing  

There’s a season dedicated to weddings, and there are seasons to which couples deviate to for a good reason. Taking winter into consideration can help you hold your wedding without costing an arm and a leg. It’s common for the wedding season to range from spring to fall. So, if you choose a winter wedding instead, vendor prices tend to be lower due to low demand.  

For the location where there’s 0% chance of encountering a blizzard, you can choose states such as central Florida for winter weddings or other similar areas near you. Destination weddings can be affordable during the off-season when flight and hotel rates drop. Some vendors may also offer deals when the usual wedding season is still far-off. You can do your research ahead of time to anticipate the costs.

  • Consider An Alternative To The Wedding Cake 

Traditionally, you must have a wedding cake at the reception. But nowadays, you can serve dessert aside from cake. Some unique alternatives that can help you save on the cost of a wedding cake are cake pops, cupcakes, donuts, pies, or cookies. A  bit of deviation for something different may be pleasing to your guests.  

Another reason to go for alternatives is that desserts such as cake pops can double as an additional decoration. They can act as centerpieces that guests can  see as soon as they enter the reception area. While the cake is at one corner that you might not notice, cake pops are ready to take after the main course. That means zero waste! 

Apopka Wedding Invitation Photo Inspiration

In Conclusion 

These are only some of the many ways you can save money while planning your wedding. It doesn’t have to be too grand to be memorable. You can talk to your wedding planner and discuss your budget. You can make it as personal as you want, which doesn’t necessarily have to cost you so much. Note that while a wedding is a formality of your union, it’s more of the beginning of making happy memories together as a married couple.  







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